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April 11 - April 18

Senior Show: Micaela Herrera, Henry Jeck, Chris Witsell

Henry Jeck, Field of Play, Watkins College of Art

Join artists Micaela Herrera, Henry Jeck, and Chris Witsell for their senior show, with an opening reception on April 11 from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Witsell’s show, Built by Objects, seeks to create a dialogue between the loss of control in a family setting and an obsession with a hobby. “Control or lack thereof is the linchpin of my work,” Witsell says. “I use modeling terms such as diorama and kitbash to explain my work.” Witsel explores manipulation and the inability to connect as key themes of the show.

Jeck’s show, Field of Play, examines the the history of football as an aesthetic, metaphorical, and emotional experience. “I attempt to energize my work through a mixture of dynamic shapes and bright colors that echo the experience that I feel when viewing the game. Football and its associations with culture, family, fandom, and the spectacle inspire me to make work that frames my identity as an artist,” says Jeck. “For me, an aesthetic experience is one that breathes life into something. I feel that these moments take on a kind of brightness that resists analysis. This form of luminescent apprehension is what I am attempting to represent in my work.”

Herrera’s show, Unpacking, deals with themes of race, humor, and cultural traditions. “Although I have questioned my identity as a Mexican-American since birth, making art is a way for me to resonate with my heritage and embrace the confusion that comes with being biracial,” says Herrera. “I utilize drawing, animation, traditional Mexican crafts, and common or cheap materials to explore these themes because I aspire to create work that is approachable to a wider audience. On occasion, I ask the viewer to participate in my ambivalence — to move back and forth between the joy and pain of being a part of two cultures.”


April 11 - April 18
All Day Event

Currey Gallery

2298 Rosa L Parks Boulevard

Nashville, 37228