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April 25 - May 1

Senior Show: Hailey Alexander and Brandyn Busico

Senior Show: Hailey Alexander

Hailey Alexander and Brandyn Busico present their capstone work in Poiesis and Psychic Planes, respectively.

In Poiesis (pictured), Hailey Alexander rescues playthings in order to reconstruct them. She chooses precious, dainty objects because they are familiar, and because excavating, dissecting, and rearranging them reverses what Alexander calls “their mortality. They no longer possess a pure and uninterrupted lifespan, but become sterilized by both corpse and childlike qualities,” says Alexander.

In Psychic Planes, Busico explores the human experience from an observer’s perspective of a psychic world. “This psychic world is surreal, timeless, and metaphysical,” says Busico, “a plane of existence that is reflective of the various traumas, loves, fears, loss, and anxieties that make up a human being’s overall psyche, and is symbolic of the various joys and cost of living a human life.”

There will be an opening reception on April 25, from 5:30-8:30 p.m.



April 25 - May 1
All Day Event

Currey Gallery

2298 Rosa L Parks Boulevard

Nashville, 37228