Over the Airwaves

The Nashville station that broadcasts the Grand Ole Opry interviews President J. Kline about the rising profile of the college.

Record, Glimpse fundraiser, Watkins College of Art

J. Kline, Watkins College of ArtOn Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Watkins President J. Kline returned to WSM, the hallowed Nashville country music station, to speak with midday host Devon O’Day about all things Watkins. In the broadcast, Kline discusses how there has never been a more opportune and economically advantageous time to be an artist, as well as previews Watkins’s fundraiser Glimpse, its summer offerings in Community Education and pre-college, and other upcoming news and events.

Over the last year, Kline has been a regular on the radio network, which broadcasts the beloved Grand Ole Opry program.