Create—and teach children to create

Summers are for growth, excitement, and fun—especially fun. We have designed programs to help you bring your creative skills to the next level and to learn how to share those skills with younger students. Acting as a mentor also teaches you to be more rigorous about your own creative process—an essential step to maturing as an artist or designer.

Teen community education at Watkins College of Art

Watkins Community Education Internship Program

Do you envision pursuing a career in the arts—either as a creative professional or as a teacher guiding young students in the expression of their own creativity? As a teenager, you’ll find that children will look to you as a mentor and be receptive to your guidance. Yes, it’s a big responsibility, but it’s also a rewarding one. This is a competitive, unpaid internship during which you will gain valuable work experience—possibly even letters of recommendation for college.

You would enjoy being a summer intern if you:

  • love making art
  • know how to work with kids as a result of your experience babysitting, helping younger siblings, or working or volunteering with youth
  • embrace responsibility and are highly motivated, personable, positive, and proactive
  • hope to gain work experience
  • look forward to assisting our professional teaching artists in providing a creative camp experience for kids ages five to 13

Here are the internship details:

  • This is an unpaid, part-time position that extends from the end of May through the first week of July.
  • You will assist Watkins Community Education staff during Summer Art Camp (ages five to 13).
  • You may work from 8 a.m.–1 p.m. or noon–5 p.m. each day (never to exceed a total of 25 hours).

As an intern, you will be supervised by Watkins staff and will report directly to the Summer Programs Manager.

We’re looking for teenagers who are:

  • positive, patient, perceptive, responsible, and resourceful individuals who are able to solve problems with little supervision
  • customer-service oriented with the communication skills necessary to interact effectively with parents, colleagues, and kids aged five to 13
  • experienced or interested in fine art or arts education

What your days will be like as an intern:

  • arrive on time and be ready to work with a positive attitude
  • follow Watkins Community Education’s policies and protocol
  • assist with daily studio preparation and organization
  • help deliver a welcoming, supportive environment for parents, program participants, and staff
  • maintain clear, consistent, and respectful communication with parents, students, Watkins staff members, and camp instructors
  • develop and employ classroom management skills by monitoring participants during studio sessions, lunch, breaks, and pre-camp and post-camp intervals
  • provide positive solutions for problem resolution, encourage dialogue, and seek support for behavioral and disciplinary discussions from the director and coordinator of Community Education
  • assist staff and instructors in classroom management
  • help prepare, distribute, and clean up materials; organize supplies; and keep materials stocked at all times
  • prepare supplies and studio materials before camp begins and assist in preparing the studio for the next class
  • encourage and facilitate art-making, games, and positive learning experiences throughout daily camp activities
  • ensure projects are complete, identified, and prepared for participants to take home when finished
  • assist with camper drop-off and pick-up
  • accept projects and additional activities as requested by camp staff and instructors
  • help with end-of-camp studio organization and cleanup

Here’s how to apply:

Applications open in January for the following summer, and we evaluate them on a rolling basis. The application deadline is May 1. Visit this page for updates or join our mailing list.