Call for Submissions

Building Character: From A to Izzard

For the 2018 edition, and in partnership with the Southern Festival of Books, Watkins College of Art invited artists of book, paper, print and digital media to submit work for an exhibition on campus in the Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Gallery that explores the spine of all great storytelling: character.

Artists are forever compelled first by a question, a need to apprehend the elusive, and last year for the Handmade & Bound Festival we posed this: What does character mean to you?

For us, the notion of character as a subject is consciously enigmatic. Much like a work of art, the word character and its meaning is determined by intention and context. An artist’s approach to answering the question at hand takes unlimited forms: literature, portraiture, animation, journaling, typography, physical attributes or techniques, etc.

For 2019, we will announce a new exhibit at a later date. Stay tuned!


  • Submissions will be due at a date TBD.
  • Artists will be notified of their acceptance also on a date TBD.
  • A gallery show will run in concert with the Festival. Artists must deliver finished work and collect it at specified times, also to be determined.