Tap into a universe of resources

The Watkins Library is a comprehensive nerve center of resources for:

  • Watkins students, staff, and faculty
  • Community Education Program instructors
  • Watkins alumni (for a small fee)

What do you need?

Use the Interlibrary Loan Request form to submit your request for books not in the Watkins catalogue, and allow one to two weeks for delivery.


Watkins Library Guides

For every program at Watkins, our library staff has pulled together essential Library Guides, divided into two groups:

  • Subject Library Guides, which list sources related to a specific interest or discipline
  • Course Library Guides, which list resources related to specific classes

We always are working to improve Library Guides, so be sure to let your librarian know about any resources in the library or on the internet that you find especially useful. Go to the Watkins Library Guides site now.

The Zines collection

In 2007, we launched a collection of zines—self-published, small circulation, non-commercial materials—for the benefit of visitors to our library.

Building the Watkins Artchive

Wonder what a searchable database of Watkins’s student work would look like? We’re collecting samples of student work that will be available on, and you can help.

Email us at the library or call 615.277.7427 to learn more.