Portfolio Prep & Development

Beginning in Fall 2020, Watkins College of Art will merge with Belmont University to become Watkins College of Art at Belmont University. For those students interested in applying to Watkins College of Art at Belmont for Fall 2020, application should still be made via these Watkins pages, including your portfolio. To learn more about how to prepare your portfolio, please read through these sections and pages. For students contemplating matriculation beyond Fall 2020, we invite you to visit Belmont’s Admissions hub to learn more about the process.

Assemble your portfolio

For every Watkins BFA degree program, you must submit a digital portfolio of your work. Include your strongest material—work that reflects your individual artistry as well as your foundational skills. Keep in mind that we rely on portfolios to make decisions about portfolio-based scholarships.

What to include:

  • Limit your submission to 15 examples.
  • Be program specific. Include pieces that are relevant to the program you hope to enter. Learn more about each program here: film, fine art, graphic design, illustration, interior design, photography.
  • Offer variety. Include a range of media and techniques that demonstrate your skill and versatility.
  • Demonstrate a personal voice. Include examples of work created outside of class assignments that show your voice as an artist.
  • Make strategic choices. Consult our faculty and admissions staff for advice when making final choices for your portfolio. Meet with them during a National Portfolio Day event or on a visit to the Watkins campus.
  • Submit in digital format. We prefer that you submit your portfolio electronically. Learn how to prepare and submit a digital portfolio.