Here’s how to apply for financial aid

  1. Apply for an FSA ID (formerly, an FAFSA PIN).
    • Dependent students. You and one of your parents (even if two are listed) whose information is listed on the FAFSA will need to apply for an FSA ID. Apply here.
    • Independent students. You must apply for an FSA ID (spouse is optional). Apply here.
  2. Fill out and submit the FAFSA online as soon as possible beginning October 1of each year that you want to be considered for student aid. It’s safe, free, and easy to do. If you need assistance, be sure to read the “Help and Hints” located on every page. Make sure to input the Watkins school code, which is 031276.
  3. Make sure you are officially admitted to an eligible undergraduate or graduate degree program.
  4. Read and respond to all correspondence you receive from our Financial Aid Office. Complete any additional requirements needed for certain aid programs, such as student or parent loans. You may be selected for a process called verification, which requires additional documentation. Work closely with the Financial Aid Office until you have satisfied all requirements.
  5. Review your financial aid offer. When your financial aid offer letter arrives, review it carefully. The letter will list the student aid programs that you and your family are eligible for, and you’ll want to make sure you understand each program offered. You should then decide which student aid programs you want to use to help fund your education.
  6. Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need additional assistance, have special circumstances that may affect your eligibility, or if you are unsure about the process or any of the aid program requirements.
  7. Sign and return one copy of the award offer. Include all documents required for your student aid to be processed.
  8. Complete all loan documents online. If you plan to utilize federal loans to help fund your education, don’t miss the application deadline.

You also should know about:

  • Your FAFSA may be selected for a process called verification, either randomly or as a result of conflicting data reported on your FAFSA. If you are selected for verification, you will be sent a notification outlining the steps required to resolve this process. Comply with this request immediately, as this step will delay your financial aid processing.
  • Loan entrance counseling. All first-time borrowers in the student loan program must attend a loan entrance counseling session, which is a federal requirement. Its purpose is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a borrower of the federal loan program.
  • Loan exit counseling. When you graduate, transfer, withdraw, or drop below half-time status at Watkins, you must attend a loan-exit counseling session, which is a federal requirement. Its purpose is to inform you of your loan obligations and to provide information relevant to successful loan repayment.