The big picture

Everything in photography stems from visual exploration. In our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography program, you’ll undertake a journey of experimentation through image-making that leads to epiphanies about your distinct vision and focus. Whether your passion is fine art photography, digital technology, lighting, alternative processes, or something the world has yet to see, you will build the creative foundation and toolkit to succeed as an artist.

As you investigate this dynamic and ever-evolving medium, you will:

  • hone skills and sensibilities for high-end photography in multiple media
  • experiment with alternative production processes
  • explore digital imaging and experimental video techniques
  • master studio lighting for a variety of effects
  • develop a professional-level portfolio with samples that demonstrate your technical prowess, aesthetic vision, and editorial eye
  • cross-pollinate with the Watkins film department to understand the interdisciplinary nature of our media
  • become well-versed in art history, theory, philosophy, and literature to enrich your perspective as an artist

Turning your creativity into your life’s work

Our photography faculty and alumni are well positioned to help you take advantage of mentors in the industry who are eager to share their professional know-how. Here’s a sample of where and with whom Watkins students have gained experience in recent years: