Facilities & Equipment

The Interior Design program includes studio classrooms, lecture rooms, and a materials resource center specifically planned to support the curricular demands of the BFA degree in Interior Design.

Studio classrooms provide individual work stations for board drafting, drawing of schematic plans, and sketching. Each work station is equipped with a parallel bar, board cover, and adjustable drafting stool.

Projection systems and integrated lighting with dimming controls allow for easy viewing of PowerPoint presentations and high-definition DVDs within classroom settings.

Lecture rooms are used for weekly courses and also serve for mid-point and final project presentations.

Projection systems and integrated lighting are found in these rooms.

The materials resource room is dedicated to providing the interior design students with manufacturer catalogues, textiles, flooring materials, wall covering and paint samples as well as a variety of specialty materials for use in projects spanning the entire interior design curriculum. Multiple work areas are provided in the resource room for the viewing of materials and the assembly of presentation boards.

Located in close proximity to the interior design program is the new Print Center, which houses state-of-the-art printers, scanners, and plotters for the use of students and faculty college-wide, allowing for production of letter to banner-size print projects. A large work table is provided in the Print Center for convenient layout and trimming of documents and images.