Sustainable design concentration

How it works

Our Sustainable Design Concentration at Watkins equips you to conceive, design, and construct building projects that promote health and energy efficiency while reducing environmental impacts. Your coursework and studio experiences will build on the interior design curriculum, combining core design capabilities with advanced study of sustainable design principles, materials, and methods.

To build the knowledge, experience, and toolkit you need to enter the professional world, you will:

  • learn to promote health and well-being in residential and commercial settings using environmentally conscious methods, including biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle principles, and LEED certification
  • analyze global sustainability best practices for construction, building systems, and energy sources
  • apply sustainable design skills to the renovation and reuse of existing buildings as well as to new building projects
  • develop a professional-level sustainable design portfolio that sets you apart as a creative designer who knows how to meet human needs without compromising the environment