Plan of Study

BFA in Graphic Design  
First Year
ART 101 Art Survey I ART 102 Art Survey II
COR 101 Surface Space & Time* COR 102 Studio for Research & Practice*
ENG 101 English Composition I ENG 102 English Composition II
GRD 101 History of Graphic Design GRD 121 Fundamentals of Typography
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Second Year
GRD 230 Digital Design I GRD 210 Concept Development
GRD 232 Experimental Typography GRD 221 Digital Design II
GRD 321 Illustration I GRD 300 Portfolio Review
HIS 101 History of World Civilization I GRD 341 Intro to HTML & CSS
MAT 101 Math for the Visual Arts HIS 102 History of World Civilization II
SCI 3XX Natural Science Series
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Third Year
GRD 233 Digital Design III COM 220 Speech Communication
GRD 332 Advanced Typography GRD 310 Brand Development
GRD 342 Advanced Web Development GRD 343 Web & Interactive
Social Science Requirement Graphic Design Elective
Studio Elective: Graphic Design or Visual Art Visual Arts Elective
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Fourth Year
GRD 401 Professional Practices GRD 460 Senior Portfolio Development
GRD 410 Promotion & Packaging Graphic Design Elective
Graphic Design Elective or GRD 323 Illustration III** or GRD 344 ST in Web Development*** Upper Level Art History Elective
General Education Elective #1 General Education Elective #2
Visual Art Elective Visual Art Elective
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)

* 6 credit hours

** Required for the Illustration Concentration

***Required for the Web Design Concentration

Visual Arts Core or General Education courses and some Film elective courses may be taken over the summer.