About the Program

The big picture

Discovering the human in the humanities. Unearthing your identity and finding your voice. Developing empathy for diverse perspectives through the study of history, science, and literature. Examining connections across time, place, and disciplines that equip you for a lifetime of artistic exploration and expression. This is the ambitious agenda of the General Education program at Watkins.

To thrive as a creative professional over a lifetime, you must draw on a deep well of insight into the human condition and clearly articulate your vision to the world. In our foundational program of general education, you will:

  • uncover connections to the past that help explain the present and stimulate creative thinking about future possibilities
  • develop critical thinking skills through introspection and reflection
  • discover your voice as a writer and a speaker
  • cultivate storytelling skills and learn to communicate intelligently about your artistic creations
  • engage in respectful dialogue about controversial topics and events
  • find value in the perspectives and work of others—even when you disagree with the ideas that inspired them
  • recognize and build on recurring themes and truths from diverse cultural landscapes throughout history

As you come to understand the historical, cultural, and physical contexts of today’s complex problems, you will strengthen your ability to invent new solutions to many pressing challenges.