The frontiers of fine art

Watkins low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts grounds you in rigorous research and hands-on exploration. Our flexible curriculum gives you the opportunity to:

  • reflect on and develop formal, conceptual, and contextual aspects of your artistic practice
  • pursue intensive studio work and independent research projects
  • deepen your grasp of the historical, social, and cultural contexts of your work
  • hone your ability to articulate your vision in spoken and written formats
  • identify and refine the aesthetics and capabilities that will put you at the leading edge of the fine art world

Flexible schedule

We’ve designed our interdisciplinary visual arts MFA to accommodate working professionals across a wide range of art-making. You’ll complete more than 40 percent of the required 60 credit-hours off campus (fall and spring semesters) while maintaining close contact with your professors and research advisor. You’ll study on campus during a summer term and a four-day winter residency focused on classroom and studio work. The summer term for 2019 will take place from June 11-July 3.

Expand your network and accelerate your career

At Watkins, you will have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the fine art community. Our professors leverage their professional networks to introduce you to visiting artists with visionary perspectives and successful careers. And your rigorous research and ambitious studio projects will position you at the forefront of theory and practice for such roles as museum or gallery curator, educator, or professional artist.