Plan of Study

Watkins’s MFA in Film Production will be a 2-year program, focused on a select number of students who exhibit the desire to grow and develop as expert filmmakers. Classes will be small and scheduled in the evenings and on Saturdays allowing for full time students and working professionals to attend. Students will have the opportunity to create narrative and non-narrative (documentary, experimental, thematic) film projects. Thesis screenplays or films will be automatically entered or showcased at the Nashville Film Festival.

First Year 
FLM 501 Evolution of MediaFLM 502 Film Theory & Criticism
FLM 570 Graduate CinematographyFLM 503 Graduate Directing
FLM 589 Graduate EditingFLM 529 Graduate Screenwriting
FLM 580 Non-narrative Project *FLM 581 Narrative Project *
(15 Credit Hours)(15 Credit Hours)
Second Year
FLM 511 Thesis Production I *FLM 512 Thesis Production II *
FLM 530 Thesis Script Project I *FLM 531 Thesis Script Project II *
FLM 551 Film Industry, Bus. & FinanceFLM 549 Professional Practices
Film Studio ElectiveFilm Studio Elective
Film ElectiveFilm Elective
(15 Credit Hours)(15 Credit Hours)

* 6 credit hours

Students interested in focusing their studies in one of the following areas are encouraged to look at:

  • Directors: FLM301 Production Fundamentals; FLM 504 Actor/Director’s Lab
  • Producers: FLM301 Production Fundamentals: FLM 552 Micro-Financing
  • Cinematographers: FLM 372 Pre/Post Digital Imaging; FLM 571 Advanced Lighting
  • Screenwriters; FLM 430 Writing Serialized Stories; FLM 532 Script Rewriting Lab
  • Editors: FLM 392 Sound II; FLM 590 Post Production Workflow