About the Program

The big picture

Painters who are digitally literate. Filmmakers who understand color theory. Artists of every passion and persuasion who have mastered a diverse set of digital and hands-on skills and can explain to the world why they do what they do. The opportunities afforded by the global technology infrastructure and the burgeoning gig economy are ripe for the picking by people who think critically, analyze fluidly, and act creatively.

Building the skills and sensibility of 21st-century creative practice is what the Core Studies program is all about. In this immersive and interdisciplinary foundation program, you will:

  • study the fundamental principles and formal elements of design
  • establish skill sets in studio practice, ideation, concept development, and problem-solving
  • explore digital techniques and materials manipulation
  • learn to speak and write about your thought processes and products
  • experience a variety of real-world settings where professionals put these skills into action

As you collaborate with classmates and a team of Core Studies professors, you will build the confidence and capabilities to integrate concepts from a full spectrum of artistic disciplines into any career path.