The big picture

If you’ve never met an artistic box you didn’t want to create your way out of, you’ll love our Bachelor of Arts in Art program. This is our most diverse and far-ranging course of study, encompassing options to concentrate in one or more disciplines across all BFA programs at Watkins.

As you dive into photography, painting, drawing, film, printmaking, sculpture, time-based media—or your distinct blend of multiple pursuits—you will build the vision and technical mastery for a successful career in the arts. Our alumni work in museums, galleries, publishing, fine art and design studios and go on to top graduate programs in a variety of fields.

In addition to intensive study in your chosen specialties, you will:

  • apply critical thinking and creative best practices in a wide range of genres and cultural contexts
  • explore production and fabrication techniques for painting, drawing, printing, digital media, and three-dimensional compositions
  • hone your ability to speak and write with clarity and conviction about your own work and the broader art scene
  • develop a professional-level portfolio that demonstrates your mastery of concepts and skills in your areas of expertise

Turning your creativity into your life’s work

As a Bachelor of Arts in Art student, you’ll have the opportunity to test your new skills and ideas in internships with top companies known for nurturing young talent. Here’s a sample of where Watkins students from various disciplines have gained experience in recent years:

Fine Art