Writing Center Faculty

We at the Writing Center really want to provide the Watkins community with useful and easy-to-access tools to improve the literacy of our students. Although the Writing Center is still in some ways a fledgling project, below are some of the resources we offer.

Researching, Outlining, and Editing Papers

As we have hopefully made clear, the Writing Center is available to students for help at all stages of the paper-writing process. Offering appointments 30-60 minutes in length, we will assist students in choosing a thesis, research strategies, paper outlining, as well as editing and citation help. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to stop by your class for an introduction, or if you have a particular student to refer to us.

Exercises for Increasing Grammatical Literacy

With the wide accessibility of the internet, there are virtually unlimited resources for practicing grammar rules and improving written English. If you have a student who has difficulty writing, or an ESL student seeking practice, contact us to arrange a 30-minute grammar session. Note: we may ask for information about the student’s particular areas of difficulty in order to prepare appropriate exercises.

Conversation Sessions

As the international student population increases, Watkins will be joining prestigious state institutions in offering Conversation Sessions to English as a Second Language speakers. Generally only 30 minutes in length, we offer these sessions to give international students another opportunity to practice conversational English.

Responding to Other Needs

Here at the Writing Center we also want to make ourselves available to needs we haven’t identified. Professors and Staff members are encouraged to contact us  with any needs, concerns, or suggestions. …Especially suggestions!

We’re here to help, but help us help you!

Please do: Visit our review page to take our Writing Center Survey or to leave comments and suggestions.

Please don’t: Send your entire class over at once.  Contact us to arrange a classroom visit, or encourage your students to email us for an appointment at writingcenter@watkins.edu.

We only ask that you provide us with time and information about your students needs.