2014 Addys Judges choice winnersJudge’s Choice winners Xavier Payne, Johnny Whitman, Tyler Zenk

Watkins Wins Medal Count at 2014 Student Addy Awards

March 13, 2014

Once again, Watkins’ Graphic Design proved itself a major creative force at the annual Nashville Student American Advertising Awards recognizing creative excellence: Watkins won the most awards–20 total–in the 10-school competition field. During a February 25 awards reception presented by redpepper and Play Nashville, 11 Watkins students collected nine Golds and eight Silvers, plus three out of four jurors’ special selection honors. Tyler Zenk (who graduated in Dec. 2013), led the Watkins delegation with four citations, including a Judge’s Choice. Triple winners were Johnny Whitman (Dec. 2013) and senior Xavier Payne, with each claiming a Judge’s Choice prize. Additional Watkins’ talent were double winners Ily Phelps and Yanet Mireles and Barbara Ball, Michael Cribbs, Richard Cook, Ann Gowan-Smith, Matthew Erwin and Marty Potts, Jr.

Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and sponsored by National Ad2, the Nashville competition is the first stage in a three-tier contest. Nashville Gold and Silver winners will next compete at the District level against winners from Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Winners from the 15 AAF Districts then advance to National level competition.

Watkins Department of Graphic Design’s AFF Nashville 2014 Student Addy Awards:

Sales Promotion — Packaging

(Note:  Watkins claimed 4 of the 6 winners in this category!)

Addys 2014 Johnny Whitman

Johnny Whitman


Johnny Whitman, Thieve

Tyler Zenk, Mandate Set






Addys 2014 Ann Gowan Smith

Ann Gowan-Smith


Ann Gowan-Smith
, Batch

Xavier Payne, Perrault Wines







Publication Design Book Design (Entire Book)

Johnny Whitman, Johnny Whitman process book

Direct Marketing

Ily Phelps, Neenah Paper samples

Consumer or Trade Publication Campaign

Yanet Mireles, Red Bull Edition campaign

Addys2014 1568 YMireles_MPotts_MErvin

Yanet Mireles, Marty Potts, Matthew Ervin

Matthew Erwin, Hasbro ad series

Marty Potts, Jr., Gold Bond ad campaign

Newspaper Insert

Yanet Mireles, Bicycle Benefits and Awareness inforgraphic

Elements of Advertising, Visual Logo Design

Tyler Zenk, Tyler Zenk logo book
Ily Phelps, Ily Phelps logo collection

Addys 2014 Tyler Zenk

Tyler Zenk


Addys 2014 Ily Phelps

Ily Phelps

Elements of Advertising, Visual Illustration, Single

Barbara Ball, Flannery O’Connor

Xavier Payne, For Trayvon

Addys 2014 Xavier Payne

Xavier Payne













Addys 2014  Michael Cribbs

Michael Cribbs


Elements of Advertising, Visual Illustration, Campaign

Michael Cribbs, How the Robin’s Breast Became Red

Tyler Zenk , Bruno the Brave







Elements of Advertising, Visual Digital Creative Technology

Richard Cook, The History of Horror Films

Judges’ Choice

  • Xavier Payne, For Trayvon
  • Johnny Whitman, Process Book
  • Tyler Zenk,  Bruno the Brave

Good luck at Nationals!

Johnny Whitman, Thieve
Tyler Zenk, logo book  and Bruno the Brave
Barbara Ball, Flannery O’Connor

Michael Cribbs, How the Robin’s Breast Became Red

Addys-2014-group photo

Chair & associate professor Dan Brawner, Barbara Ball, Marty Potts, Yanet Mireles, Matthew Ervin, Richard Cook, Xavier Payne, professor associate professor Judith Sweeney-O’Bryan, Johnny Whitman, assistant professor Steve Wilkison, Michael Cribbs, Tyler Zenk, Ily Phelps