Visiting Artists Archive

Watkins hosts many artists, designers, and filmmakers to come and speak directly to the students and also to the public at large.  Below is a list of just some of these talented people who, in recent years,  have shared their time, their stories, and their advice.


Natalia Almada – Filmmaker

Gail Anderson – Creative Director of Design at SpotCo. NYC

Joel Anderson – Anderson Design Group


Ann Beatts – Screenwriter

David Bennett – CMT Lead Animator

Gina Binkley – Alter Ego Design, Illustration and Photography

John Henry Blatter – Media and Sound Artist

Wayne Brezinka – Design and Illustration

Shawn Brown – Photographer


David Carson – Author, Typographer, Designer

Keith Carter – Photographer

Barry Cook – Disney Animator

Aisha Cousins – Visual Artist


Jessica Davis – Interior Designer

Bob Delevante – Designer and Photographer

Mike Delevante – Owner, Delevante Creative

Dean Dixon – Photographer


Susan Eaddy –Children’s Author and Illustrator

Vern Evans – Photographer


Harrell Fletcher – Social Practice Artist

Phil Foster – Illustrator

Travis Foster – Illustrator


Marcelle Guilbeau – Interior Designer


Beth Haley – Interior Designer

Helen Hannah – Interior Designer

David Hilliard – Photographer

Rocky Horton – Visual Artist

-I, J-

Nancy Inman – Designer

Terri Jones – Visual Artist


Rainey Kirk – Illustrator

Miwon Kwon – Art Historian & Critic


Liz Magic Laser – Video and Performance Artist

Deborah Luster – Photographer


David Macauley – Author, Illustrator

Laray Mayfield – Film Casting Director

David McClister – Photographer/Director

Bryce McCloud – Illustrator and Designer

Kim Michaud – Interior Designer

Greg Miller – Photographer


Zach Provonchee – Architect

R. H. Quaytman – Painter


Dan Read – Hollywood Makeup Artist

Lucie Rice – Illustrator

Artemio Rodriguez – Printmaker & Illustrator

Bethany Rooney – Television Director

Bill Ross – Children’s Author and Illustrator

Rebecca Ruegger – Painter and Illustrator

Michael Rutherford – Photographer


Chris Sickels – Animator and Children’s Book Illustrator

Jeff Silva – Visual Artist

Julie Sola – Printmaker and Designer

T. L. Solein – Painter

Alec Soth – Photographer

Robert Stone – Film Producer

Jock Sturges – Photographer


Sheila Turner – Photographer


Wayne White – Painter and Sculpture

Elizabeth Williams – Art Director