The Student Body

Where do your students come from?

For the 2013-14 academic year, our students are from 25 different states and five foreign countries

What is the male/female student ratio?

Our current male/female student ratio is 46/54.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Our student/teacher ratio in studio classes is 10:1 and 17:1 in liberal arts classes.

How many students are enrolled in each major?

For the 2013-12 academic year, 28% in Film, 16% in Fine Art; 20% in Graphic Design; 7% in Interior Design 13% in Photography; 8% in Art (BA).

What is the age of your student body?

In 2013-14, approximately 78% of our student body were 24 and younger; 17% were between 25-40; 5% are 41 and older.   Watkins makes no distinction in its employment, contracting, or admissions policies or procedures, including the awarding of scholarships or other forms of financial assistance, on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

Is country music all Nashville has to offer?

Located along the Cumberland River, Nashville is a crossroads of American culture, and easily the fastest-growing part of the Upper South and the territory between Atlanta and Texas. Contrary to what many believe, Nashville offers its residents and visitors more than just a country music scene. Our city also has a thriving art scene that is very welcoming to new ideas and points of view. Recently, BusinessWeek.com ranked Nashville as #7 on its list of the “10 Best Places for Artists in America.” This top 10 list includes Los Angeles (as #1), New York, and San Francisco.

Do your graduates find jobs?

Our Career Services Office assists students with career advice, internships, and student work experience. It is their goal to help guide students to pursue their professional ambitions on their own terms by providing resume workshops, grant writing training, and guest speakers who can help answer questions about working as a professional artist. Our extensive internship programs in all areas has helped many of our graduates leave the college with both work experience and job offers. For more information about the Career Services Office, click “here.”

Where do Watkins students live?

About a quarter of the student body live in on-campus housing. Many others share houses and apartments close by or live at home.

Where do I get my books and supplies?

Although Watkins does not have an on-campus store we do have relationships with local bookstores and art supplies stores which makes shopping for class needs very convenient. At the beginning of the semester, students can place book orders on-line with e-campus, an on-line bookstore, and the books are delivered to the college for pick-up.  If you choose to do so, you can sell most books back to e-campus at the end of each semester.  They even offer some books for rent.  Some students choose to order their books through sites such as Amazon.