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Want to learn more about what Watkins has to offer your students? Request information and materials- such as catalogs, view books and posters for your classroom.

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Meet a Representative

Watkins representatives attend National Portfolio Days around the US and a number of college fairs in the Southeast region each year.  We also host Preview Days on our campus twice a year, and welcome you to schedule a tour with us at your convenience.  Additionally, we visit many advanced art and design classes around the country. Email us to check availability – admissions@watkins.edu 


Teacher WorkshopTeacher Workshops

The Community Education department at Watkins offers programs that provide professional development opportunities for K-12 art educators to engage in hands-on art making activities and develop strategies for incorporating thematic and contemporary art-driven ideas, projects, and techniques into curricula. These programs are a chance for educators to rejuvenate their creative juices in a community of peers while developing new art skills for themselves and ideas for the classroom. Check out the Community Education page for more information or email community@watkins.edu


Reference Form for student applications

Are you writing a reference for a student who is applying to Watkins?  Download the form here- Watkins Reference Form
Alternately, you can email a letter recommending the student to admissions@watkins.edu

Recommend a Student

Do you have a student that you think would be a good fit for Watkins? Share their information with us below so that we can keep them on our radar.





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