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Housing Contract

  • All first-time students under the age of 20 are required to live on campus for the duration of the academic year. This contract is for the full Academic Year 2017-2018. Students will not be granted a release from the housing contract unless specified conditions as listed in the contract are met. You will be required to pay a $300 deposit when you submit this application. This deposit is to hold your place in our residential halls and is refundable if requested at least 60 days before the beginning of the semester.
  • Room Assignment Survey

  • Student Health Information

  • Health Insurance Information (carried by student)

  • Emergency Contact Info:

  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, please contact the above listed individuals on my behalf. I understand that listing a contact does not hold the college responsible to contact listed individual(s). I also understand I am fully responsible for my own health and well-being, including payments for medical care, legal services, emergency transportation, and other needs that may arise and will not look to Watkins College of Art Design and Film to assume any such responsibility in the event that a Watkins administrator seeks and obtains emergency medical treatment for me on my behalf.
  • Priority deadline for guaranteed housing placement is June 1st. Applications received after this date are not guaranteed the preference of a single room. Students who do not meet this deadline may be assigned to a bunked room depending on occupancy availability. A $300 deposit is due with this application. Housing placement will not be made until completed application and deposit is received. Housing fees for a semester or term are due in full on the day a student moves into student housing.

    I have been provided the Watkins College of Art Residence Hall Policies and Regulations via the link below.

    I have read and agree to abide by these policies. I recognize that Watkins College of Art, Design and Film reserves the right to make adaptations and/or other regulations as necessary without notice, to secure maximum safety, comfort, and convenience for all its residents and for the College community as a whole.

    Please print this information for your records.

    Housing Contract Terms And Conditions

    Housing Policies and Regulations