Career Services serves the college by assisting current students with the management of career planning and resume building strategies. Students have access to information about job, internship and volunteer opportunities specific to their major. The office maintains relationships with the Nashville community to explore and initiate direct opportunities for students of Watkins College of Art, Design & Film.

In addition, in the first post-graduate year, Alumni are encouraged to access these services as well.  For additional alumni support, resources and benefits, check out the alumni section of the website at (link).

A weekly email of opportunities for both current students and alumni is sent out weekly.

For more information on career services email Patrick DeGuira at


For Employers
We welcome your interest in Watkins College of Art, Design & Film students and graduates!

Watkins Alumni have an exceptional employment record. Our students and alumni are working in some of Nashville’s most influential cultural and creative communities. Recent surveys have shown that a large percentage of Watkins graduates (an average of 65%) are actively working in a field related to their major, and 85% identify themselves as working artists. 

If you would like to to submit an employment opportunity or paid internship request, please provide an overview of how your request is specific to one of our majors (Film, Photo, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fine Art) and the Career Services Coordinator will be happy to review your request.

If you have any questions, please contact




Academic internships are approved by the department chairs of each respective program and are usually available to the student at the junior/senior level.

Watkins students are encouraged to get involved with Nashville’s creative community through the many opportunities presented by internships. An internship will enhance a student’s career by improving the growth of their resume, increasing  professional skills, and developing a clearer perspective on what it takes to succeed in the creative world.

If you would like to explore establishing an academic relationship with the College, please contact the departmental chair whose program relates most to your request.  He or she will be happy to discuss the process:

The Film School:  Richard Gershman at

Fine Art:  Kristi Hargrove at

Graphic Design/Illustration/Web Design:  Dan Brawner at

Interior Design:  Cheryl Gulley at

Photography:  Robin Paris at

The Career Services office arranges workshops several times a semester for students on a variety of topics.  These can be workshops career skills or round table talks with professionals in various careers in the arts.  Check here for information on upcoming events.

Coming this month…

Watkins Internship Fair
February 20th 2014
3-5 pm
Cecy Read Student Center

Get involved with Nashville’s creative community through the many opportunities presented by internships!

Foot in the door
Professional Experience
Resume Building

 20+ companies and cultural institutions on campus including:

StagePost, IDS (Interior Design Services), Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Zeitgeist Gallery, SeedSpace, Redpepper, St8ment, Fort Houston, NPT, Nashville Film Festival, and many more.

For more information, contact Patrick DeGuira at