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Student Film Showcase Screens April 25 at Nashville Film Festival

April 21, 2014

In conjunction with the 45th annual Nashville Film Festival, The Film School at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film will present a free screening of the past year’s most outstanding productions on Friday, April 25, beginning at 7:15 p.m. at Regal Cinemas, Green Hills Stadium 16.

“The Watkins Student Film Showcase” will offer a lineup of nine short narratives (not in NaFF competition) selected by the Film School faculty from all completed films in each of the four production classes from the 2013 spring and fall semesters.

“Watkins is proud to showcase these films.  They demonstrate the richness of ideas and the variety of styles of our storytellers,” said Richard Gershman, associate professor and chair of the Film School.  “We appreciate the Nashville Film Festival’s commitment to the next generation of filmmakers and the opportunity to present these exciting new works to a wider audience.”

While there is no admission charge, reservations are encouraged because seating is limited: email name and contact information to reservations@watkins.edu (limit 2 tickets per person).

Film Showcase 2014 evite

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The selected films, with directors, are

  • This Barren Land – Christin Sites, director
  • Breaking Free – Michael Eggers, director
  • In Jesus’, Yahweh’s, Allah’s Name, Amen – Travis Slagle, director
  • White – Andrew Von Nieda, director
  • Butchie & Kate – David Keane, director
  • Makris, The Sock Monkey – Alison Goedde, director
  • Mostly Cloudy – Noel Costill, director
  • Springtime in the Sorrowing Hole – Joe Hemphill, director
  • I Know You – Calen Smith, director

See below for a more detailed screening list.

About the Program
The Film School at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film is distinguished by a film curriculum that explores the artistic, technical and business aspects of independent filmmaking. With a focus on dramatic narrative film, the Film School helps students find their personal voice and style in order to incorporate these elements into their narrative work. All film students take film courses their first year of study and begin production within their second year, depending on their program of study. Production courses are small, allowing for faculty mentoring and advising and close collaboration with colleagues.

The Film School offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in Film with concentration in Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography and Editing. In addition to the film curriculum, students are required to complete a Visual Arts Core of studies and a General Education Core, designed to create a program for a well-rounded filmmaker and visual artist.

About the Nashville Film Festival
Nashville FIlm Festival logo
The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF), April 17–26, 2014, presented by Nissan, brings the world to Nashville in an extended 10-day celebration of film. NaFF is in two locations for the first time: Regal Green Hills Stadium 16 with 200 competition films, educational presentations and parties, and downtown at Nissan Multicultural Village, Walk of Fame Park with free outdoor films nightly and Happy Hour Shorts at Festival Pub. NaFF is a public festival attended by filmmakers and industry insiders and an Academy Award Qualifying Event for short films.  In addition to Nissan, NaFF is sponsored by Comcast/Xfinity, Cabedge Design, Regal Entertainment Group, Southwest Airlines, Tennessee Arts Commission and Metro Arts of Nashville. The Festival annually garners notice from the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal online, MovieMaker Magazine, Film Festival Today, IndieWire, Variety, Billboard, New York and Script Magazine.


Watkins’ 2013 Student Film Showcase: Program Schedule


With the help of her best friend, a girl tries to overcome the complacency of being trapped in the circle of poverty that has captured a small, drug-induced town.

Christin Sites This Barren Land still

from “This Barren Land”

Director: Christin Sites
Screenwriters: Christin Sites and David Keane
Producer: Stephanie Adams
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Emma Holyfield
Sound editor: Austin Klinger


Michael Eggers Breaking Free SS1

from “Breaking Free”

In the future, America has become a dystopian society.  One man must decide whether to comply with the new rules and regulations, or defy them and suffer the consequences.

Written, produced and directed by Michael Eggers
Cinematographer:  Hunter Billings
Editor:  William Rucker
Sound editors:  William Rucker, Sydney Hood and Chris Gentle

A young boy experimenting with different religions receives counseling from the worst child psychiatrist imaginable.

Written, produced and directed by Travis Slagle
Cinematographer: Austin Boylen
Editor: Donald Bittinger
Sound editor: Nick Sokol

WHITE (4:59)
Katy finds herself in a white room with a voice that talks to her. As Katy starts to question what is happening and why she is there, things start to become clear.

Andrew Von Nieda White still

from “White”

Written and directed by Andrew Von Nieda
Producer: Robbie Baldassari
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Kari Symington
Sound editor: Jeremy Bolden

BUTCHIE & KATE (22:07)
Butchie is a lifelong street guy. He’s a bookie, a heavy, a loan shark and he wouldn’t want it any other way. When one of his superiors dies unexpectedly, Butchie is tasked with escorting his former boss’s longtime mistress, Kate, to the funeral services.

Written and directed by David Keane
Producers: Michael Rumchaks and David Keane
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editors: Emma Holyfield and Chris Roman

Alison Goedde, Makris

from “Makris, The Sock Monkey”

Makris is a lonely sock monkey who just needs a friend.

Written, produced and directed by Alison Goedde
Cinematographer: Nick Sokol
Editor: Alison Goedde
Sound editor: Alison Goedde

Isaac has lost all hope in the human race. His loneliness, dead-end office job, and bleak outlook on civilization push him to the edge of sanity.

Produced and directed by Noel Costill
Screenwriters: Noel Costill and Rhyan Costill
Cinematographer: Christopher Hallowell
Editor: Noel Costill
Sound designer: Noel Costill

A Dutch World War II officer recalls his part in Holland’s campaign for vengeance in May 1945.

Written, produced and directed by Joe Hemphill
Cinematographer: Sergio Ramos
Editor: David Large
Sound editor: David Large

I KNOW YOU (14:18)
After his wife falls ill, Jack knows he cannot afford the hospital bills. He decides to get the money by any means necessary, even if that means taking it from somebody else.

Written and directed by Calen Smith
Producer: Michael Rumchaks
Cinematographer: Jeremy Bolden
Editor: Calen Smith