Portfolio Review

Nashville-Portfolio-Day-ReviewIt’s important to get feedback on your portfolio. There are a few different ways to get a review from a Watkins representative.

  • Attend one of the many National Portfolio Day events that we attend
  • Schedule a portfolio review when you visit the Watkins campus
  • Get a review from the admissions representative that visits your high school

There are many benefits to getting a review before you apply.

  • You will get feedback on what’s working in your portfolio and what areas you can improve on.
  • Seniors and transfer students may qualify for scholarships just by getting a review.
  • Portfolio reviews, like campus visits, are a good way to learn more about the program that you are interested in.

Prepare for a review by bringing your original artwork. If your original work is unavailable of difficult to carry, bring images of the work. Most importantly, be ready to have a conversation about the art you bring. Bring enough work so that the reviewer can get a good sense of your artistic process and voice. 15-20 pieces seems to be a good amount. Show work that is no more than 2 years old. Bring your finished pieces as well as your current works in progress, and most importantly, your sketchbook!