Portfolio Overview

portfolio3Each degree program gives you a choice of either submitting a portfolio of work or submitting specific art, design or film exercises. If you choose to submit a portfolio, it should reflect your individual style as well as your understanding of foundational skills.

Certain programs have a few specific requirements to be included in the portfolio.  Beyond that, the balance of your portfolio should include a variety of media and techniques demonstrating drawing ability, composition and color usage (for art or design degrees) or film-related work (for the film degree).  Examples of work created outside of class assignments that show more personal direction are also encouraged.  Please limit submissions to no more than 15 examples.

Watkins Admissions representatives and faculty will be happy to assist you in making final choices for your portfolio prior to submission and you are encouraged to meet with them during a National Portfolio Day or on your visit to the Watkins campus.

Your portfolio is the basis for which portfolio-based scholarships are awarded. NOTE: Digital portfolios are preferred. If submitting original material please be aware that although every precaution is taken to protect portfolios, the college cannot be responsible for loss or damage. Original work will be kept in the Admissions Office for three months after the semester to which you are applying. After that time the work will be discarded.