Advanced Special Topics

Studio, 3 Credit Hours

This course introduces students to a variety of photographic genres. Students explore personal image making through self-assigned projects and discussions on ideas, content, and critical theory as it applies to the class topic and their own work. (Chair approval)

(Prerequisites will vary depending upon course topic)


PHO 341 – Large Format Photography
This course builds on knowledge of the large format camera and the operation and current practices introduced in PHO 234. Students learn more about lens selection, the use of camera swings and tilts, and processing procedures for sheet film. Students produce images in both black and white and color film and use the traditional darkroom and the digital lab.

PHO 373 – Advanced Special Topics: Book Arts
This course provides an introduction to the theory and technical processes of making books by hand. A strong emphasis will be placed on exploring contextual themes and theories present in handmade book culture through a semester-long discussion of the definition of the book as art and the role of intention in the making of book-centric art. Also, in this course students strengthen hand skills and dexterity while learning about the importance of craftsmanship in all forms of art. Various processes associated with book arts are incorporated.

PHO 375 – Create, Curate & Exhibit
Students conceive of an exhibition to which they curate and create works of art and secure a venue for the show. Readings and writings are done in curatorial studies and an exhibition is produced and an exhibition catalog is written as the semester project.

PHO 376 – Advanced Special Topics: Documentary
This course explores the elements of documentary photography— discuss legal and ethical issues that arise when making documentary work and look at photographs and films by and about historical and contemporary documentary photographers. In addition to readings, discussions, and assignments, students present their work for constructive group critiques. Students embark on a long-term documentary photography project based on their personal interests. Students keep a journal to be used for brainstorming and reflection. The many branches of documentary photography (street, photojournalism, visual anthropology, etc) are discussed and investigated for methods that allow for an in depth experience using interviewing, writing, and editing, and giving subjects cameras to document their own experiences. By the end of the course students have a strong, cohesive body of work. The finished documentary project is completed as a photographic print portfolio, a self-published book, or a documentary video.

PHO 379 – Advanced Special Topics: Experimental Photography
Students explore non-traditional and creative approaches to making and transforming photographic images. Techniques could include using digital and darkroom, silver and non-silver processes, painting and drawing, printmaking, installation, video. Students research concepts and methods of their choosing.

PHO 380 – Printmaking for Photographers
This studio course gives students an opportunity to learn a variety of printmaking processes that begin as photographs. Techniques include intaglio, lithography, photocopy transfers, photopolymer, and other techniques. Printing in black ink as well as color will be covered.

PHO 381 – Electronic Media
Students build on knowledge gained in Core Studies and Time Media courses to explore other digital media which may include advanced image manipulation and coding.

PHO 384 – Photography and Performance
This course is a studio seminar that will look at the potential for photography as a tool to document performances that are staged for the camera. Within the photographic medium, photography can play with notions of time and reality and while performance art traditionally emphasizes the presence of the body in a live action, this course looks beyond that tradition towards articulating a potential for performance with the absence of a live performing body, the photograph being the end result.