Professional Development

Artists’ Resource Guide
A comprehensive and well-organized resource guide for employment opportunities, print and digital resources, continuing education, legal information and other important topics important to working artists. Created by the Pew Fellowships in the Arts (PFA).

Art & Design Employment Listing
A curated list of sites for art-related employment and career opportunities. List is produced by  the Northern Michigan University Department of Art & Design.

College Art Association
Check the careers section of this site for professional job listings, as well as listings for volunteer and internship opportunities. Also a great resource for finding grants and fellowships.

Art Emerging
A comprehensive site with job listings, resume building tutorials and information on grant writing. Also, contains directories for museums and galleries and listings for residencies and show calls.

Resume Tutor!
An on-line resume tutorial created by the folks at the University of Minnesota. Breaks down the process of writing an effective resume into simple steps and provides essential advice for managing this daunting task.

New York Foundation for the Arts
Provides information on everything from maintaining mental clarity within the art world, to developing a portfolio and navigating the legal issues of making a living as an artist. Also, houses a great index of interviews with working artists.