Library Guides

Library Guides

Our Guides are divided into two groups, Subject Library Guides and Course Library Guides. Select a Subject  from list below to find stuff in the Library and online tailored to specific interest or discipline.  Select a Course Guide for information about specific classes. These Guides are always being improved so be sure and let your Librarian know about any items in the Library or sites on the internet that you find really useful.  Check out these guides for useful class information:


Course Guides


Art History

Fine Art

Graphic Design

World Civilizations I

World Civilizations II

English Composition & Literature

Freshman Composition II

Freshman Composition I


Subject Guides

Book Arts and Zines
Cartoons and Comics
Evaluating Sources
How To Create an Annotated Bibliography
Image Resources
Interior Design & Architecture
New Media and Digital

Start With The Library

Often the best place to find information is your Library. Start with the Library Catalog.  Be sure to search under both “Subject” and “All words” in the right hand box on the search page, next to the box for your search word.  Great sources for journal articles and high quality images of artworks are the online databases which are on the Find Images & Articles page of the Library website

For information on our databases, tips on searching, or an overview of the Library Catalog, take a look at our growing collection of online tutorials produced right here at the Library.  You can find them on the Library How-to Videos and Frequently Asked Questions pages along with lots of other useful Library information.

Other Resources

Atomic Learning

Want to master a new piece of software? Have a specific tech question? Atomic Learning provides thousands of tutorial movies and curriculum resources that cover a variety of software packages including Final Cut, Dreamweaver, Windows Vista, PowerPoint, Endnote and Blackboard. Students and Faculty can access Atomic Learning anywhere on campus; off campus access is available with a password. Ask a librarian or your instructor for the username and password.

Project Gutenberg

The oldest producer of free electronic books (ebooks and eTexts)

Arts News on the Web

Arts Resources in Nashville

Still have questions?

Get answers! Ask a librarian. Email us librarian@watkins.edu, call us (615 277-7427), or stop by the Library to get the facts straight from a librarian.