Academic internships are approved by the department chairs of each respective program and are usually available to the student at the junior/senior level.

Watkins students are encouraged to get involved with Nashville’s creative community through the many opportunities presented by internships. An internship will enhance a student’s career by improving the growth of their resume, increasing  professional skills, and developing a clearer perspective on what it takes to succeed in the creative world.

If you would like to explore establishing an academic relationship with the College, please contact the departmental chair whose program relates most to your request.  He or she will be happy to discuss the process:

The Film School:  Richard Gershman at [email protected]

Fine Art:  Kristi Hargrove at [email protected]

Graphic Design/Illustration/Web Design:  Dan Brawner at [email protected]

Interior Design:  Cheryl Gulley at [email protected]

Photography:  Robin Paris at [email protected]