Interior Design 2016 Winners Announced

January 26, 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the 19th annual Interior Design Student Exhibition!

Cheryl Gulley, associate professor and chair of the Interior Design department, announced the winners during a reception on January 25.All Watkins Interior Design majors were eligible to submit projects (created since Spring 2015) in eight categories: Residential, Commercial, Introductory Presentation Skills, Intermediate Presentation Skills, Lighting or Furniture Design, Computer Modeling, Portfolio, and Sustainability. Winners were chosen based on craftsmanship, creativity and digital rendering skills.


1st Place: Aimee Spencer

2nd Place: Renee Johnson

3rd Place: Anna Caro

Intermediate Presentation Skills
Anna Caro (Junior)
Tennessee Cosmetic Surgery Center

Aimee Spencer
Renee Johnson
Anna Caro
Elizabeth McLemore
Laura Chytrowsky
Sophomore Lexi Ray Livington’s work was juried into the show
Print center manager Sam Angel and Vice President of Academic Affairs Joy McKenzie
The Spencer Clan was excited to be there!

Introductory Presentation Skills
Aimee Spencer (Sophomore)
Seattle Residence

Residential Design
Renee Johnson (Sophomore)
Downtown Residence Model

Commercial Design
Elizabeth McLemore (Junior)
Peak Cosmetic Surgery Center

Sustainable Design
Anna Caro (Junior)
Turnover Hill

Furniture Design
Laura Chytrowsky (Senior)
Luna’s Bassinet

Lighting Design
Elizabeth McLemore (Junior)
Feather Lighting System

Portfolio Design
Laura Chytrowsky (Senior)

Pictured at top: Cheryl Gulley [center] with Watkins ID alumnae Reinalisa Santoyo and Emily Hill.