For Your Students

National Portfolio Day

Encourage your students to attend a National Portfolio Day event nearby.  This is a significant scholarship opportunity for seniors and a learning experience for underclassmen.  Watkins hosts the Nashville NPD event and attends numerous NPDs nationwide.  For more information check out our National Portfolio Day page and portfolioday.net

Portfolio Development

Check out the Portfolio Prep & Development section of our website to get an idea of what we are looking for in student portfolios.  The Advanced Placement website also has excellent examples of student work for portfolio preparation.

Drawing & PaintingWatkins Pre-College

This 2-week intensive program offers high school students the chance to learn skills and build their portfolio in a college environment.  Students completing the program earn 3 credit-hours of college credit and a $4,000 scholarship to Watkins (based on acceptance).  On campus housing is not available at this time.  For more information check out the Pre-College page.

Scholarships Your Students May Qualify For:

Students applying to Watkins are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on their application materials including portfolio, essay, and academics.  Additionally, seniors who receive portfolio reviews at National Portfolio Day may be awarded preliminary scholarships, so please encourage your students to attend these events.

State Lottery:
Watkins accepts the Tennessee HOPE scholarship and matches other regional lottery scholarships, such as KEES in Kentucky and the Georgia HOPE, for up to $2,500 a year.

Sponsored Art and Film Competitions:
Watkins awards scholarships to winners of Scholastic Art Awards and other regional art competitions.  See this PDF for a list of sponsored competitions:

Members of the Tennessee Art Education Association (TAEA) may nominate one student a year for a one-time Watkins scholarship of $1,000.  A letter of recognition from the TAEA member should be submitted to the Director of Admissions on or before May 1 of each year. The award will only be granted to a high school senior planning to attend Watkins as a full-time student in the fall immediately following graduation.