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Film School’s Fall Auditions Set for Sept. 13

August 28, 2014

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film will hold a general casting call for Fall 2014 student film projects on Saturday, September 13, at the Watkins campus in Metro Center.

Casting call sign in 0010Directors of more than 20 productions–from the film programs at Watkins and, for the first time, Belmont University–will be looking for actors of all ages. Student films are being made under the SAG/AFTRA student film agreement and therefore all current union members are allowed to participate. Actors are asked to bring headshots and résumés.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script (with on-camera readings at the discretion of each director). Casting breakdowns and proposed shoot dates (usually over a 3-day/Friday–Sunday period) will be posted to this page as available and distributed on site.

Audition slots will be divided according to gender and age throughout the day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.); individual appointments are not available.

  • 10 to 11 a.m. – Leading men, age range 19-40
  • 11 a.m. to noon – Leading and character men, age range 40 and up
  • Noon to 1 p.m. – Leading women, age range 19-40
  • 1 to 2 p.m. – Leading and character women, age range 40 and up
  • 3 to 4 p.m. – Children and youth, age range 8-18

Check this auditions page for more information. Watkins is located at 2298 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Metro Center (across from the Looby). Free parking is available in the campus lot.

All cast members will be invited to a screening of projects at the end of the semester and will have access to an online copy of the film and a quick-time file (without music) to cut into a reel.

About The Film School at Watkins

WatkinsFIlm_NickRau setOffering one of the College’s oldest degree programs, The Film School at Watkins offers a demanding and immersive curriculum that explores the artistic, technical and business aspects of filmmaking to provide a truly hands-on experience for aspiring professionals. Students may pursue the four-year BFA degree or, for those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, a Certificate in Film.

While rooted in dramatic narrative, the program encourages documentaries, commercials, music videos, experimental films, and television/web programs as students develop their technical skills and sharpen the focus on their unique artistic vision. Through deep study of the primary roles of writing, producing, directing, imaging, and editing; access to the latest—and next—technologies; a portfolio reel of increasingly complex projects, and opportunities to connect with the professional creative community, graduates are prepared for a variety of careers in film, video, news and entertainment.



NOTE: Audition date for INTRUSIONS is Sunday, September 7, at 2 pm.


Director: Jason Harper = jcharper@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student Production II With Dialogue
Shooting Location: Mt. Juliet and Hermitage
Shoot Dates: September 19-21
Compensation: DVD copy, digital file and meals, no pay
Audition Location: Watkins • 2298 Rosa L. Parks Blvd (37228) in Metro Center, Room #501
Submission instructions: Email headshot and résumé to jcharper@watkins.edu

SYNOPSIS: Willis Chamberlain is a religious gun enthusiast. When he shoots and kills a home intruder, he struggles to reconcile his actions with his beliefs.


  • MARSHALL (Supporting, late 50’s to mid 60’s, medium to large build): He is a vociferous Republican and avid hunter, and severely lacking in empathy.
  • MARTHA (Supporting, 50’s to 60’s, average build): Willis’ wife, who is always dressed to impress and never seen without make-up.
  • JANIE (Supporting, late 30’s to 40’s): A slim, unkempt woman with a noticeably Southern accent. She is a sad and lonely widow.


Director: Matison Turner = mturner@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student Production III with dialogue
Project length: 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Empire, AL
Shoot Dates: October 3-5, 2014
Compensation: DVD copy, digital file and meals, no pay

SYNOPSIS:  Fraternal twins Jill and Jack are preparing for their first day of high school. As the twins struggle with normal teen issues their parents decide to break the news that one of them never made it home from the hospital. Jill and Jack must now decide who is the real twin and who is a figment of the other’s imagination.


  • JILL (Lead, 14-15): An outgoing, athletic tomboy who isn’t afraid of what people think. She is Jack’s twin sister.
  • JACK (Lead, 14-15): A reserved, intelligent pretty-boy who doesn’t want to cause conflict of any kind. He is Jill’s twin brother.
  • MOM (Supporting, early 40s+): Mom just wants her child(ren) to be happy, but she knows they can’t keep living in a fantasy.
  • DAD (Supporting, early 40s+):  Dad is supportive in every way, but lets Mom do most of the talking.


Director: Blake Holland = dholland@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Production III, with dialogue
Project length: 20-30 min.
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: October 3-5, 2014
Compensation: DVD copy, digital file and meals

SYNOPSIS: Devon, a young country club employee, loses his summer job after spending a reckless night with the “rich kids”—a tight group of friends who’d do anything for one another. As he spends his summer with kids raised on the empty lyrics of pop music, he finds himself falling for a crowd that seeks personal validation through the dangerous rejection of their inherited privilege.

  • DEVON (Lead): A young, 20-something born and raised in a small, suburban town. He comes from the working-class, but falls for the wealthy kids while working his summer job at the country club. After losing his job to a night of recklessness spent with the “rich kids,” he falls for them and their sense of freedom. As the summer goes on, he loses himself to their acts of defiance as they try to reject their inherited freedom. Devon reveals himself to be impressionable as he learns to compromise and abandon himself for them.
  • MOM (Supporting, 30s – 50s): All business, a confident wife and mother who balances her time between managing her husband’s political campaign and keeping an eye on her reckless children. Her phone often distracts her.
  • BOSS (Supporting, 30s – 50s): A well-groomed man who speaks a little too softly for someone with such strong words. When he curses his voice breaks. His collar always sits a bit too tight around his neck. He works at the country club.


Director: Hunter Billings = hbillings@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory
Production Type:  Student (Production III) with dialogue
Project length:  Approx. 18 mins
Shooting Location:  Nashville, Williamson County
Shoot Dates: Oct. 24-26 (main unit/cast); Nov. 8 (fireside storyteller scene)
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment, DVD copy, digital file, travel and meals

SYNOPSIS: “Dottie and the Liver,” a dark comedy based on an English folktale told fireside on a camping trip, is a story about a rebellious girl who cannot stand her nagging mother’s ridiculous quirks. Dottie is sent to the store to get a liver for supper, but spends all the money on candy. She does bring a liver home after a trip to the local cemetery. That night a corpse comes to the kitchen to reclaim the liver and the mother never finds out through a series of coincidences.

  • GROCER – An older gentleman who owns a local grocery store. He is interested in making fly-fishing flies and running a quiet store.  He is a man stuck in his ways, yet bends his own rules when he feels someone needs help.  He is also an incarnation of the storyteller and has some all-knowing qualities.
  • BILL – A young man digging a grave and waiting for the priest to show up so he and Frank (another gravedigger) can go home. He plays the opposite of Frank; Bill abides by the rules and wants to please everyone. The need to stay on everyone’s good side often gets him into trouble and constantly makes him worry about the decisions he makes.
  • CORPSE – A woman of any age. Looking for someone who can play a dead woman, killed in a grisly accident who is hellbent on getting her liver back from the girl who stole it from her. She is innocent but determined to do anything to gain back what was taken from her. Not so much a zombie as a wronged woman chasing what is rightfully hers, with a slight limp.
  • STORYTELLER – An older gentleman who loves telling stories to his grandkids and wishes his son would continue to listen to them. He loves to tease and cause the biggest gasps possible while maintaining a questionably family friendly approach. He has a dramatic flair and can summon images with just a twinkle in his eye.
  • SON – The son of the Storyteller, camping with his father and his two kids. He is more interested getting a good night of rest than the outside world. A very contemporary soul who, with the right nudge, can recapture his childhood.
  • NICK – The Storyteller’s grandson. He is of the age where fairy tales no longer excite him unless they involve scary details. He adores his grandfather’s stories and always begs for more.
  • CHRIS – A male or female child who loves hearing stories by the fireside. Although younger than his/her older brother, Chris is more mature and grasps the themes and concepts of what the Storyteller is really saying.


Director: Sydney Hood = shood@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory (non-union are welcome)
Production Type: Student Production III With Dialogue
Project length: 12 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville as well as Edwardsville, IL
Shoot Dates: October 17-21, 2014
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: A group of superheroes rises to the challenge when they encounter a real life villain. The problem: they lack superpowers.


  • THE WINGED GUARDIAN (Lead, male, early 20’s to 30’s): Acting out his inner child due to the death of his father, he is a strong leader in the support group.
  • SILENT SPECTRESS (Lead, female, 20s): Average sized woman who is trying to fill the dainty shoes of a mother who never gave her approval. She is very clumsy and looks to food for comfort.
  • THE VALIANT PROTECTOR (Lead, male, middle-aged): He has been teased throughout his life for being overweight. Now grown up, he tries to hide his insecurities with a costume.
  • MENTAL MAN (Lead, male, mid-20’s to early-30’s): He thinks having super powers would be cool. He is overly excited, even though he lacks the skill to move things with his mind.
  • DR.RIVIRA (Lead, male or female, 30’s to 60’s): S/he leads the community support group with as much professionalism and class as possible; takes the superheroes seriously and creatively tries to help them overcome their problems.
  • POLICE CHIEF (Lead, male or female, 30’s to 60’s): The serious job of protecting the city has become a ceremonial position over the years. However s/he is satisfied with making others feel happy with them.
  • GAS STATION ATTENDANT (Supporting, male or female, any age): S/he is stuck working a night shift at a gas station where nothing ever happens. However on this particular night the gas station is held up.
  • VILLIAN (Supporting, male, 20’s to 40’s): He takes on the persona of a villain to feel less horrible about himself as he commits crimes.
  • POLICE (Supporting, male or female, any age over 20)
  • PARAMEDIC #1 (Supporting, male or female, any age over 20)
  • PARAMEDIC #2 (Supporting, male or female, any age over 20)


Director: ST Davis = stdavis@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student (Production II)
Project Length: appx. 10 mins
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: October 4 -5, 2014
Compensation: DVD copy, digital file, and meals, no pay

SYNOPSIS: After being diagnosed with stage 3 Alzheimer’s disease, Harold struggles to maintain his life operating his dry cleaners and taking care of his grandson, Oliver. It is only until Oliver comes up with the idea of finding a new brain does Harold find a sense of self and acceptance with his diagnosis.


  • HAROLD (Lead, 60’s-70’s): A wise and confident man, floored by the news of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Usually very sure of himself and well ordered, but has been slowly getting worse and worse with his memory. In denial of it publicly, he knows internally that something is wrong.
  • OLIVER (Lead): The grandson of Harold, a happy-go-lucky boy around 7 years old. No reservations when it comes to asking intrusive questions about Harold’s personal life. Confident like Harold and takes on the mannerisms of an elder person; old for his age.
  • LORETTA (Supporting): The sassy assistant and longtime best friend of Harold. Quick to get Harold going on any number of topics and runs the laundry as if it were her own. Pushes his buttons and bickers often but loves Harold dearly. Very intuitive with Harold’s emotions.
  • HEATHER (Supporting, mid 20’s to early 30’s): The daughter of Harold and mother of Oliver. Her priorities are everywhere except where they need to be, with Oliver. Negotiates everything with Harold with the diligence and persistence of a chess player. Is never the one at fault and quick to blame the other party.



Director: Carter Luckfield = cluckfield@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue
Project length: Under 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: Oct. 20-21
Compensation: Deferred payment, plus DVD copy, digital file and meals

SYNOPSIS:  When the television eats Jim’s girlfriend, Jane, he finds himself on the brink of sanity. It’s up to his best friend David to make sacrifices to him get her out.


  • JIM OYSTERBERGER (Lead): A musician in his early- to mid 20’s, battling to hold a grip on reality. He is normally a positive, but extreme character. However, he teeters on the edge of sanity with his drug use when his girlfriend gets stuck inside the television.
  • DAVID JONES (Lead): A cocaine-addicted, occult-obsessed man in his early- to mid 20’s. Very hardworking and driven, yet his obsessions currently pull him off track. When Jim calls him for help, he must sweep his struggles under the rug for a friend even deeper in heavy drug abuse.
  • JANE WINTERS (Lead): A beautiful, intelligent mid-20’s girl. As Jim’s girlfriend, she acts as the rock holding down their relationship until things go awry. She is driven and grounded.
  • SITCOM HUSBAND (Supporting): A man in his 20’s or 30’s, wholesome father/husband in hearty sitcom.
  • CRAIG (Supporting): “Vince from Shamwow”-type character: a quirky, upbeat TV infomercial spokesperson in his early- to mid-30’s.
  • MORMON MAN (Supporting): Clean-cut, well-dressed simple man in his 20’s or 30’s.


Director: Carter Glascock = pglascock@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory project (open for non-union)
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue
Project length: Under 15 minutes
Shooting Location: TBA Tennessee
Compensation: Deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: Tim Baker is applying for a managerial position at BrainWorks Resolutions. What awaits Tim is the most ridiculously awful job interview of his life, courtesy of Gerry Sullivan, GM of BrainWorks and possible international drug dealer.


  • TIM BAKER (Lead, late 20’s): Quiet, polite and somewhat lazy, he has a general disdain for the cocky young professional types that surround him but he himself is too nervous and lackadaisical to fully grasp his own potential. He has an unused art degree, a little previous managerial experience, and nothing to lose.
  • GERRY SULLIVAN (Lead, mid 40’s): A blustering, ragingly insecure and utterly ridiculous man who presents himself to BrainWorks applicants underneath the icy veneer of an upper level executive. He’s fully unaware of how others perceive him. He also has many dark secrets that readily make their way into the most common of conversations.
  • ALEX GARCIA (Lead, mid 30’s): Garcia is an undercover FBI agent who has been trailing Antoine Navarre, the leader of an international drug ring, for months. He is easy to anger and strictly professional. However, when gallows humor presents itself, Garcia simply can’t help himself.
  • CHRISTINE (Supporting, early 40’s): Gerry Sullivan’s secretary, who is kept extraordinarily busy by his ludicrous demands.
  • FELLOW FBI AGENT (Supporting, male, mid 30’s): Garcia’s partner, whose heartstrings are easily pulled.
  • DELIVERY MAN (Supporting, early 20’s): A frequent visitor to Mr. Sullivan’s office, he is simultaneously thoughtful and vapid.
  • SUSPICIOUS LOOKING APPLICANT (Supporting, male, early 20’s): A shifty looking type is probably not in this office strictly for an interview — his knuckles are bloodied and his eyes are bloodshot.


Director: Austin Cowan = pcowan@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory project
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue
Project length: 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Tennessee TBA
Shoot Dates: Oct. 26
Compensation: Deferred payment, DVD copy, digital files and meals.

SYNOPSIS: A cannibalistic restaurant owner plans to kill a former investor who has escaped incarceration.

NOTE: This film contains strong language, violence and partial nudity.


  • LUCAS PATTERSON (Lead): A smart, and desperate, restaurant owner.
  • AMED MALIK (Lead): An Arabic dictator from mid-Africa who is an investor in Lucas Patterson’s restaurant.
  • SHANNA VITAL (Lead): Amed Malik’s translator and lover.
  •  SCOTT MCADAMS (Supporting): Lucas’s longtime friend and accountant.
  • MAURIA NINSON (Supporting): A nervous news reporter.

CASTING NOTE for the following roles: Emancipated or legal 18+ preferred due to dark nature of the script

  • DYING WOMAN #1 (Supporting, 20-25): Dying woman in a bathtub
  • DYING WOMAN #2 (Supporting, 20-25): Dying woman in a field (nudity required)
  • DIAN FOSSEY (Supporting, 35-45): Zoologist.
  • CAMERAMAN (Supporting, 20-35)
  • GUARD #1 (Supporting, 18-21): mid-African rebel.
  • GUARD #2 (Supporting, 18-21): mid-African rebel.
  • GUARD #3 (Supporting, 18-21): mid-African rebel.



Director: Emileigh Potter = epotter@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory project (open to non-union)
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue
Project length: Under 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: October 24-26
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA: deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital files and meals. (Non-union: DVD copy, digital file and meals; no pay)

SYNOPSIS: After losing her younger sister Mimi, Emi undergoes symptoms of denial the day of Mimi’s funeral.

NOTE: This film contains strong language.


  • EMI (Lead, early 20’s): College student, in denial of her sister’s death.
  • MIMI (Lead, 14): A freshman starting high school, she puts the blame of her death on her sister, but knows that it wasn’t Emi’s fault. She’s depressed and alone.


Director: Alexander Mattingly = amattingly@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory
Production Type: Student (Production III) with dialogue
Project length: 30 min.
Shooting Location: Cookeville, TN
Shoot Dates: Oct. 24-26 & Nov. 7-9
Compensation: DVD copy, digital file and meals, no pay

SYNOPSIS: A wartime thriller set in small town Nebraska: two strangers find each other among the chaos. With a potential invasion on the horizon, and the uncertainty of the future growing every day, George and Susan find a glimpse of happiness in each other. However, their time together is momentary before they must face the reality of the world around them.


  • GEORGE HENSLEY (30’s): Charming single father, and transcoder for the military.
  • SUSAN BARNES (late 20’s): Single mother and singer/performer; strong and independent. Loving, yet untrusting of the world and the people in it.
  • DANNY BARNES (7): Susan’s son; full of energy and love for his mother.
  • CAROL LUCERO (late 40’s): Italian American; Susan’s caring neighbor.
  • TOM LUCERO (late 40’s-50’s): Italian American; Carol’s husband.
  • CAPTAIN ARNOLD HAYNES (late 40’s-50’s): Military official tasked with finding George. Stern but understanding.
  • ERIN HENSLEY (late teen): George’s daughter, and window decorator.
  • MPS (late 20’s-30’s): Military officials
  • CHRISTMAS CAROLERS (various ages)



Director: Hayley Montague = hmontague@watkins.edu • (865) 679-2723
SAG-AFTRA Signatory project (open for non-union)
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue
Project length: under 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: October 3-5
Compensation: Deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals

SYNOPSIS: A young couple gets spooked when they find pictures they did not take on their camera.


  • AUBREY (Lead): A young, outgoing photographer in her early to mid twenties.
  • KYLE (Lead): A kindhearted, funny young man in his early to mid twenties. Aubrey’s protective boyfriend.
  • KATHERINE (Supporting): A troubled woman in her mid to late twenties. Aubrey’s “creepy” neighbor.



Director: Nicholas Sokol = nsokol@watkins.edu • (615) 870-2136
Production Type: Student Film
Project length: 10-12 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: October 10-12
Compensation: DVD and Digital copy of final product

SYNOPSIS: A young man is letting his hippie uncle stay on his couch. He becomes a nuisance, but the nephew learns to appreciate his crazy uncle.


  • THOMAS (Lead, 25): Professional and hardworking, he comes across as a doormat most of the time. He is too nice for his own good but gets frustrated when his uncle messes up his plans.
  • UNCLE JERRY (Lead, 60s): A hippie who hasn’t had anything to do since the Dead stopped touring. He’s living with his nephew. His favorite things to do are eat and sleep. He is very simple, in a zen state of mind, kind of like Winnie- the-Pooh.
  • KATELYN (Supporting): Overly flirtatious, but a good-hearted person.


Director: Lyncia Smith Lsmith@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue
Shooting Location: Nashville area
Shoot Dates: October 10-12
Compensation: DVD copy, digital file and meals, no pay
Submission instructions: Email headshot and résumé to Lsmith@watkins.edu

SYNOPSIS: Andy, a soon-to-be high school graduate, is fed up with his small town and their views. For his final research paper, assigned by conservative, closed-minded teacher, the topic is the growth of America in the last 50 years. Working on his paper, Andy is conflicted on speaking his mind or holding his tongue to fit in with his conservative community.

  • ANDY (Lead): Handsome but outspoken high school athlete who is quite popular amongst his peers. Normally cool and collected, he is fed up with his community, either by their close-minded viewpoint or stereotypes. While working on his assignment he struggles whether he should voice his opinion or go along with the crowd.
  • MR. WILLIAMS (Lead): In his early-to- mid 60’s, a proud, conservative history teacher. He is headstrong, and straight to business–it’s his way or the highway.
  • GEORGE (Supporting): Quirky best friend of Andy, basically his sidekick. He is the reason that Andy hasn’t lost his mind; through thick and thin, George sticks by Andy no matter what the circumstances.
  • SANDY (Supporting): Andy’s mother, late 40’s to early 50s. Fun and sassy, she is able to give advice and understanding to her son. She supports him in everything and refuses to believe her son isn’t capable of anything.
  • JOCK #1 (Supporting): Conservative student athlete
  • JOCK #2 (Supporting): Conservative student athlete


NOTE: Audition date for HITCH ME is Friday, September 19, fro 10 am to 8 pm. Contact director to schedule a later audition


Director: Thomas Chi = tchi@watkins.edu = 615-689-5808
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production III with dialogue
Project length: 15 min.
Shooting Location: Greater Nashville Area
Shoot Dates:  October 31 – November 2
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals; DVD copy, digital file and meals, no pay

SYNOPSIS:  Jay and Elaine are two “friends with benefits” who’ve had a relationship in the past. Jay, Elaine, and their Indian friend Bashir are out at a bar to celebrate Jay going overseas with the military. Bashir is excited because he just got licensed to marry people. He comes up with the idea that Jay and Elaine should be the first couple he marries. Jay tries to get Elaine to agree before time runs out.

NOTE: This film contains strong language, violence and/or nudity.


  • JAY (Lead, mid to late 20’s): A down-to-earth young man who has enlisted in the military and is scheduled to deploy overseas. He has had many relationship problems with his ex-girlfriend Elaine, though he would not mind working things out. (Partial nudity – undergarments)
  • ELAINE (Lead, 20’s): Indecisive, ignorant, and lives in the moment. She is the cause of the failed relationship between her and Jay. (Partial nudity)
  • BASHIR (Lead, 20’s): An Indian young man, a best friend of both Jay and Elaine. He is extremely energetic and dramatic. (Partial nudity – undergarments)
  • JEFF (Supporting, late 30’s to early 50’s): Elaine’s father, a tough and intimidating man. Although he is a short-tempered person with strangers, he is the opposite when it comes to those who are close to him.
  • TRACY (Supporting, late 20’s to early 30’s): A seductive woman, the stereotypical pick-up in a bar or club.

*Emancipated or legal 18+ preferred owing to the dark nature of the script.