Watkins College Of Art, Design & Film

Film School’s Fall 2016 Auditions Set for September 10th

September 2, 2016

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film will hold a general casting call for Fall 2016 student film projects on Saturday, September 10th, at the Watkins campus in Metro Center.  Directors of approximately a dozen productions from the BFA film program at Watkins will be looking for actors of all ages. Student films are being made under the SAG/AFTRA student film agreement and therefore all current union members are allowed to participate. Actors are asked to bring résumés and head shots for each audition (or a photo can be taken at the reading).

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script (with on-camera readings at the discretion of each director). Casting breakdowns and proposed shoot dates (usually over a 3-day/Friday–Sunday period) for individual productions will be posted to this page and distributed on site.

Audition slots will be divided according to gender and age throughout the day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Individual appointments are not available.

10 to 11 a.m. – Leading men, age range 19-40
11 a.m. to noon – Leading and character men, age range 40 and up
Noon to 1 p.m. – Leading women, age range 19-40
1 to 2 p.m. – Leading and character women, age range 40 and up
3 to 4 p.m. – Young men and women, age range 8-18

NOTE:  No overall make-up audition session will be offered. However, after production breakdowns are posted, actors who cannot attend the September 10th casting day may contact specific directors concerning particular roles. If headshots and résumés are submitted electronically, please include name in file title.

All cast members will be invited to a screening of projects at the end of the semester and will have access to an online copy of the film and a quick-time file (without music) to cut into a reel.

For any questions not answered here, email auditions@watkins.edu. Watkins is located at 2298 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Metro Center (across from the Looby). Free parking is available in the campus lot.

EXTRA OPPORTUNITY: Film School Actor/Director Workshop

The Film School is looking for actors who want to participate in our directing workshop, working with student-directors who will be filming scenes this semester [September through November] during  3-hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6-9 p.m.) Each class session is devoted to one scene; therefore, the commitment is only for 3 hours, unless an actor is cast in multiple scenes.

Sides will be available on September 10th outside the casting room. There will be plenty of roles to consider as up to 15 student-directors will be casting 30 scenes. Please indicate to the students present if you are not available on certain days. Callbacks may be held at the discretion of the student-director. Actors will be provided with an edited, digital copy of their scene.

The instructor is Richard Gershman, Chair of the Film School who has directed nationally for theatres like the Mark Taper Forum and Seattle Repertory Theatre and for CBS dramas Chicago Hope and Judging Amy. He has worked with many notable actors including Adam Arkin, Amy Brenneman, Tyne Daly and Mark Harmon.

Projects for Fall 2016 Semester

Production Title: Star Killer

Director: Aaron Scott
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) With Dialogue
Project length: 15-20 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: October 14th-16th
Email: amscott@watkins.edu, epotter@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Set in 1984, Star Killer follows 17 year old Adam Anderson who runs the Galaxy Arcade in Nevada. When his world is threatened by local bully Crash Boyd, Adam must find the strength within himself to beat Crash in his favorite arcade game, Star Killer, or lose everything.


Crash Boyd: Lead:  Early- to mid-20’s, Crash will stop at nothing to get the high score on the Star Killer arcade machine. He is relentless, ruthless, and will go to any means necessary to get what he wants, even if it means doing harm to others. Crash is an alpha male, causing him to butt heads with Adam when it comes to his behavior in the arcade.

Billy Sanchez: Lead: 12 years old, Billy is Adam’s right hand man in the arcade. He is always willing to help Adam with whatever it is he needs, and always strives to show Adam what he is capable of. Billy is a great friend and tries his best to encourage Adam in his battle against Crash. Billy is fierce, daring, and always ready for whatever is thrown at him.

Production Title: A Monster Like You

Director: Ben Voorhees
Union/Non-union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non-Union)
Production Type: Student Production II with dialogue/ Dark, Crime Thriller
Production Length: 16 minutes
Shooting Locations: Nashville, & possible neighboring town within (30) minutes of town.
Shooting Dates: October 21-23
Email: bvoorhees@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis: A fun night on the town quickly turns two friends’ lives upside down and onto a dark path into the world of crime. Stan & Rob think they have their wits about them; as the stakes heighten fuses dwindle.


Stan Callahan: Lead: Male, 30-50. A methodical and somewhat nervous man seeks the safety of his wife and himself. This protagonist is self conflicted and has a history of making bad decisions, one of which was befriending his best friend Rob. Though Stan graduated from college with a bright future, he decided to move back to live near his friend Rob, his only living “family.” Stan plays both victim, and enabler. Through the main arc of the script, Stan first wants his life back to normal and to leave his surroundings of crime. By the end of the script however, Stan just wants a grip on his reality and who he has become.

*(Preferably someone who also would be willing to read as a narrator.)

Rob McVay: Lead: Male, 30-50. Stan’s best friend from college didn’t succeed in his studies as Stan did. Instead, Rob began doing odd jobs and becoming very good at the art of deception in gambling with cards. Rob is a bit of a misfit and a declining alcoholic. While gambling has brought him success through the years, he trusts himself too well one night. He gets both himself and Stan into big trouble cheating against a crime boss at cards.

Cindy Callahan: Supporting: Female/30-50. The sweet and loving wife of Stan. Cindy wants none other than the best for her husband and their relationship. After she is dragged into a life-threatening situation, her trust for Stan begins to diminish. Cindy is the voice of reason in the story; perhaps she is an angel in a dark town. When faced with adversity, she begins to see her world crumble.

Adrian Thompson: Supporting: Gangster-Male 30-50. The head facilitator and best man of the Big Boss’ underground crime organization. He is a sly don with a great sense of humor. He wants to persuade people around him to get what he wants. However, when he is crossed, there will be massive repercussions.

Big Boss: Deep Voice: Male/30’s and up. This man is very mysterious and is never shown on screen, however his impending nature is very present in the script. He is ruthless and violent. Big Boss runs the town.  *Voice Actor.

Production title: Now Introducing  (Dark Comedy)

Director: Jason Hassell
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production II With Dialogue
Project length: 12-15 minutes.
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates:  October 9th and October 30th
Email: jhassell@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Now Introducing is a story that will take you on a ride into situations unknown to every day people. A man walks into a venue to enjoy a show with his girlfriend and ends up lost and confused in a world he’s never seen before. He has one goal now, to find his way back to where he came from.


Reed Davis: Lead: (Male, Mid 20’s) A young guy from the east side of town. You will always find Reed out at a venue with his friends. He’s young but feels experienced. He dates Zoe and has for some time.

Damon Connors: Lead: (Male, late 20’s early 30’s) Damon comes from the slums in Great Britain but grew up listening to bands like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, and more 70’s and 80’s British Punk music which explains his harsh attitude towards authority. He is a little psychotic, speaks super fast and along with his cockney accent you can barely understand him. He lives and breathes punk music.

Zoe Stanley: Supporting: (Female, early 20’s) Zoe is always the one to bring the party down. She has dark features, always wears black and is a total buzzkill. She dates Reed, and although they have been dating for quite some time, she can’t stand him sometimes.  It shows in her attitude.

Silas: Supporting: Male 30’s or 40’s. Silas works at The End as a bouncer. Silas is a big guy and has little to no patience whatsoever.

Kourtney: Supporting: Kourtney is a pretty blonde girl in her 20’s who is in the wrong place in her life.

Production Title: Living Together

Director: Julian R. Cole
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Student Production II, with dialogue, Art-house, Drama
Project Length: 20 minutes
Shoot Dates: October 14th, 15th/ October 28th, 29th (if needed)
Email: jcole@watkins.edu

Shoot Locations: Shelbyville & Murfreesboro

Compensation: DVD copy, digital file, and meals.

Synopsis: When two young writers move in together, the line between their personal and professional relationship begins to blur.

Additional Information: Living Together is an extrapolation and critique of life imitating art. The film is rooted in the Indian/Bengali literary structure known as “Rasa”, which is the usage of emotion and/or intellectual properties as the key component of a narrative arc.

“If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company.”
— Jean-Paul Sartre


Marshall: Lead: 18-25. Central focus. The moral compass by default; the baseline of all quandaries, even with his inherent inconsistency. Contradictions are rife within his personality; often speaking and thinking from opposite ends of an inconclusive spectrum. He is open; an almost fluctuating beacon of understanding, which is mired and ensnared in a hindering condition. Loss and gain. With, and without. Not at all, and all at once.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
— Norman Cousins

Dane: Lead: 18-25. Void. Negative space. He exists only in reaction; the lacking of the ability to initiate and properly reciprocate. There is no ambiguity to his spectrum; he is stripped of even that. Manifested only as a formality; recessive beyond that of cellular. Living as if he’s died before; a death that still continues. He hides it well; tamps down the dull gray ash with callousness.

“One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while one is still alive.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche

Teacher: Supporting: 30-55. A straight-forward professor who is more concerned with the practicality and completion of an assignment, rather than the testing of new intellectual or artistic boundaries in the world of filmmaking.

Production title: Attract & Raquel

Director: Michael P. Hamm
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production II, With Dialogue, Romantic Comedy
Project length: 12 – 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville/ Murfreesboro
Shoot Dates: September 30-October 2.
Email: mphamm@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Austin settles for a woman he later regrets marrying. He falls, for a young attractive looking girl, who he sees every quality he ever wanted in a partner. Will he go through with the marriage that he’s in? Will he give up his life to be with the other woman?


Austin: Lead: A young fit looking man in his 20’s to early 30’s. Very down to Earth. Very easy going. He works as a professional trainer at a nearby fitness club. He jogs to work. He now wants to settle down and have a life with someone that he has only been with for about 10 months. He realizes that he is broken. (Must be OK with jogging)

Kelly: Lead: A young successful curvy woman in her mid 20’s to early 30’s. She is brutally honest. She only cares about herself most of the time and has little sympathy. She comes from a wealthy family, who owns a fitness club franchise that caters to single people.  Kelly works at a Healthcare company downtown. She does love her husband.

Raquel: Lead:  A young, sophisticated, athletic girl. Her age is Mid 20’s to early 30’s. Raquel is the adventurous and fun type. She loves to run as well as workout when she can.

Boss: Lead: An older man around the age of, mid 50’s to mid 60’s. Very tough. Very to the point. He only settles for the best in people. He has served a number of duties in the army and now focuses on his growing franchise. He is Kelly’s father who owns the Fitness club franchise as well as Austin’s Boss.

Lucas (Younger): Supporting: His age ranges from very late teens to mid 20’s. Not the best in shape, but with AUSTIN’s help he’ll be a hunk. A young buck at the gym. Loves to talk. Cocky. Thinks he’s all that. The kid really makes Austin think.

Travis: Supporting: The employee working the front desk. Smart. Single. Does his job well. An aspiring personal trainer. Enjoys correcting people including his employees.

Rayline (Older): Supporting: An older woman. Her age range is early 50’s to late 60’s. Married. Goes to the fitness club to hit on personal trainers in secret. Cougar. She has a wild side about her. Wealthy.

Greg: Supporting: A young man, between the ages of mid 20’s to late 30’s. Easy going guy. One of Austin’s old friends. Greg likes to workout when he can. He works for a private business. Single.

Couple Running Together: Supporting: The couple that Austin sees while running to work each day.

Couple Hanging Out: Supporting: A couple hanging out enjoying themselves at the gym. Helping each other train.

Workout Extras: Calling all extras! Doesn’t matter what type you are! You’re the star!

Production title: All Great Stories

Director: Sarah Southern
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production II, With Dialogue
Project length: 12-15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville/Brentwood Area
Shoot Dates:  September 30th-October 2nd
Email: ssouthern@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Maggie Claremont is a world-famous author who writes a popular series starring Mason A. Jar, a cocky action hero. But Mason isn’t like most characters—Maggie sees and hears him as if he is in the room with her. Unfortunately author and character do not get along. Maggie is tired of writing his story and wants to move on, but the books make money so she’s stuck in a rut. When Maggie gets the news that her publisher wants her to finish off the series by killing Mason in the final book, she is more than happy to do so; of course, Mason isn’t going down without a fight.


Mason A. Jar: Lead: A cocky action hero in his mid-to late-20s, completely full of himself. In his mind, no one in the world could possibly dislike him and if someone does, he dislikes them right back. Normally, he struts through life with the attitude of an immortal being, but when his existence is truly threatened, he will do all he can to survive.

Maggie Claremont: Lead: A creative, passionate, good-humored author in her mid to late 30s who has now lost all of her qualities. Her creativity and passion has been washed away by a publishing house demanding a series of books she no longer likes writing. Her good humor has been replaced by sarcasm and hate specifically towards the lead character in the series, Mason A. Jar. Dealing with the book series that doesn’t seem to ever die has lead Maggie to hallucinate the lead character she hates.

Amanda: Supporting: A perky, outgoing book editor in her 30s. She’s Maggie’s editor and knows the author like the back of her hand.

Donna: Supporting: A well organized, secretary in her late 30s to early 40s.

Shannon: Supporting: An enthusiastic, book-loving college student in her 20s.

James: Supporting: An enthusiastic, book-loving college student in his 20s.

Unknown Man: Supporting: A dark, mysterious gunman who works for The Firm, a fictional corporation in Maggie Claremont’s book series.

Production title: Meeting Moreheads (Working Title)

Director: Tess Reynolds
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) with Dialogue
Project length: approx. 13min
Shooting Location: Davidson County
Shoot Dates:  October 22nd-23rd
Email: treynolds@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis: Based on real events, this comedy follows Tom Morehead and his girlfriend Charlotte as he introduces her to his family for the first time. What starts out as a quick Thanksgiving dinner, becomes a never-ending swirl of embarrassment.


Tom Morehead: Lead: The youngest of the Morehead family, Tom is the odd one out. Tom is a college senior who is bringing his girlfriend, Charlotte, home to meet his family for the first time. He has strong reservations about the meeting due to his embarrassment brought on by his family’s behavior.

Charlotte: Lead: The sweet, optimistic, alternative, college junior girlfriend of Tom Morehead. Charlotte’s personality and interests are the complete opposite of the Morehead family.

Peggy Ann Morehead: Supporting:  A mother of three young adults, Peggy Ann is in her late 50’s, is a grandmother to a toddler and a wife to her high school sweetheart. Conservative when it comes to politics but a little bit crazy about everything else. Her ditziness, lack of filter and misunderstanding of social cues makes her an unusual matriarch of the Morehead family.

Richard (Dick) Morehead: Supporting: In his late 50’s/early 60’s, Richard, a.k.a. Dick, is a classic, all-American, smoking, beer-drinking, sports loving man of few words. Dick married Peggy Ann, his high school sweetheart, and fathered 3 children through adulthood.

Tammy Morehead: Supporting:  Late 20’s and married to Timmy, like her mother Tammy has no filter, is out spoken, blunt and loud. She’s the middle child to Peggy Ann and Richard but doesn’t let her opinions get over-shadowed.

Timmy: Supporting:  Married to Tammy, Timmy is right on the edge of being a deadbeat. A very carefree man in his late 20’s, Timmy speaks his mind yet will not fight back to his out-spoken wife.

Tim Morehead: Supporting: Practically a copy of his dad, Tim is the oldest Morehead child. He’s a classic, all-American, and sports loving man of few words who puts up with his wife’s constant nagging.

Lee: Supporting:  In her early 30’s, Lee is married to Tim, the oldest Morehead child, and a mother to infant, Carly. She’s a money-pinching, uptight woman.

Carly: Supporting:  The infant daughter of Lee and Tim, and the only Morehead grandchild.

Production title: (Closure)

Director: Zealand Linton
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) With Dialogue
Project length: 10-12 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville and Cookeville, TN
Shoot Dates:  October 7-9
Email: zlinton@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Lacie died in 1979, so why is she bumming on her best friend’s couch in present day? That’s what she and Misty must figure out.


Misty: Lead:  A sophisticated, 55 year old woman who’s experienced her share of death. She may bare a quiet persona, but she also has no trouble taking command of the events in her life.

Lacie: Lead:  A happy-go-lucky 18 year old with her share of quirkiness.

Young Misty: Supporting:: (older teen) An untainted, young Misty, before life takes her for a spin on the dark side.

Young Isaac: Supporting: (older teen) A strong, supportive friend to the girls (Lacie and Misty).

Woman With iPad: Supporting: An upbeat saleswoman who makes it hard to brush her off.

Production title: Picture Perfect

Director: Karina Castelan
Union/ Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non-Union
Production Type: Student Production II with Dialogue
Project length:  10-15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville, TN
Shoot Dates: October 29-30
Email: kcastelan@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or Non-Union for no pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Luna, a lonely, but normal teenage girl is spending her summer mostly alone. She begins a job at an art center, begins a love for collages, piecing together bits of paper that become her reality. She gets a bit lost in her own art world she’s created.


Luna: Lead: A lonely, but normal girl in her late teens, is spending her summer mostly alone. She begins making collages, developing a bit of a bond with them rather than the world around her. She gets carried away, both physically and mentally. All she wants is company, and tries to fill that void with her art.

Maurine: Supporting: A caring widowed single mother, in her late 30’s, who works many shifts as a nurse. She only wants to make sure her daughter is seemingly okay when she has the time to be with her.

Shannon: Supporting: An easy-going, eccentric woman, in her late 30s to early 40s, who is in charge of a community art center. She speaks quickly, with lots of energy. She gives Luna a job to help her out around the place.

Production title: Lucia (working title)

Director: Gabriela Jimenez
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) With Dialogue
Project length: 10 minutes
Shooting Location: Hermitage, TN
Shoot Dates:  October 14,15
Email: gjimenez@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis: A girl escapes an abusive relationship in an unexpected way. Film will contain strong language and suggestive scenes.


Lucia: Lead:  A simple young Latina woman, early- to mid-20’s. All she wants in life is to be the happy with her boyfriend.  She overlooks the toxicity of their love. Although, if pushed to choose between survival or love, she is capable of seeing past her idealistic relationship.

Julio: Lead:  A calculating and manipulating man in his early- to late- 20’s who has to be in charge.  He is used to things happening his way.  He has never had to sacrifice anything so he is not use selflessness.

Other Lucia: Supporting:  A simple young Latina women in her early- to mid-20’s, she is the very image of Lucia, but her purpose is Lucia’s deepest most darkest subconscious need.

Production title: The Stray

Director: Keevan Guy
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) With Dialogue
Project length: 12 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville, TN
Shoot Dates:  October 28 – October 30, 2016
Email: Director: kguy@watkins.edu, Producer: blindsey@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  In a city of violence, a young man named Alex desires to help the innocent from danger, but he fears the consequences of being brave. Unlike him, his older brother, Jack, is confident and fearless of the world around him, living the life of a street gang leader.  Can Alex overcome this fear to help others? Is it worth him sacrificing his life?

Content warning: Strong language, sequences of abuse, and violence


Alex: Lead:  A young man in his early 20s, struggling to overcome the fear of death when doing an act of valor. He knows that only his older brother can help him.

Jack: Lead:  An optimistic street gang leader in his late 20s. He cares dearly for his younger brother, Alex, and always tried to make him see that. He wishes to help Alex overcome his fears, but worries he is too inexperienced.

Abusive Neighbor: Supporting:  A man in his early 30s who lives next door to Alex.  He’s a drunk who frequently abuses his prostitute partner, Liz, forcing her to do a job she doesn’t want.

Kelly: Supporting:  A female bounty hunter in her mid 20s, working for Jack’s street gang. She’s a punk who finds satisfaction in killing a target for the sake of others.

Howard Thompson: Supporting:  A gangster in his late 30s who intimidates others easily. He is Alex’s target to kill, but when the assassination doesn’t go as planned, Howard grows angry and tries to kill him.

News Reporter (Male or Female): Supporting: A television reporter, 40’s, who briefly explains the death of a young man before Alex changes the channel.

Production Title: Shaken not Stirred

Director: Roxanne Nawrot
Union/Non Union:  SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production III with dialogue
Project Length: 20-25 minutes
Shooting Location: Davidson County
Shoot Dates: September 30th – October 2nd
Email: rnawrot@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment. DVD copy, digital file, and meals. Non-union: DVD copy, digital file and meals; no pay.

Synopsis: Chaos ensues when Larry and Michael try to search for the perfect surrogate to bear their child. Michael is unaware that Larry is hiding a huge secret that will potentially damage not only their relationship, but also his dream for starting a family with the one he truly loves.


Larry: Lead:  Age 35-60. A narcissistic, sassy, selfish, and convoluted spray tanned man who misleads his partner, Michael, into thinking that he actually wants to have kids. Truth is, he despises kids of all ages. He purposely sabotages their search for finding a surrogate and is completely disinterested about the whole process. Larry can hardly maintain any friendships and is notorious for falling out of his commitments at the most unreasonable times. He puts on a front to cover his insecurities and inner want for love and acceptance. Ultimately, he finds love and friendship in the most unexpected way, with the most unexpected person, making him realize what he truly wants in the end.

Michael: Supporting:  Age 30-45. Larry’s partner who is full of heart and extremely genuine.  His dream is to start a family with the one man he’s ever truly loved, who is Larry. Trouble in paradise occurs when he finds out how disinterested Larry is in the process of seeking the best suited surrogate. Through Larry’s sabotaging of their surrogate search, Michael throws a curve ball at his partner, soon introducing his best friend, Sylvia, and her 17-year-old daughter, Piper, to him as they come by for a visit. While Michael hangs out with Sylvia, he forces Larry to face his fear and hatred of kids and to bond with the teenage girl.

Piper: Supporting: Age 18-25.  A 17-year-old girl who is well beyond her years. She’s bold, wise, sarcastic, and painfully honest. She visits Larry and Michael with her mother, Sylvia, and forms an unexpected friendship with Larry.

Sylvia: Supporting: Age 30-45. Sylvia went to college with Michael where they became best friends. The two of them shared an inseparable bond that led both of them to sleep together. Eventually, Sylvia became pregnant with Piper when she was only 22. Regardless of the orientation Michael chose, Sylvia still holds a perpetual love for him. She agrees to be his surrogate in hopes that they can eventually be together again.

Pretty Woman: Age 20-35. A gorgeous surrogate candidate that is very self-absorbed, detail oriented, and too honest. She comes across as a rude know-it-all.

Tattooed Woman: Age 20-35. A Wiccan with lots of tattoos and facial piercings. She’s the second surrogate candidate. She seems to be very deep in thought and serious in regards to her religion.

Transgender: Age 20-45. A man who is undergoing the process of becoming a woman. He makes a fairly convincing woman but the deep voice doesn’t help make the cut. He/she is the third surrogate candidate.

Phil: Age 20-40. Larry’s past love interest who makes a slight appearance as he tries to meet up with Larry again. He’s very good looking, well groomed, and charming.

*** In need of four attractive young adult men for minor speaking roles as well as a lot of extras, (both male and female, aging anywhere from 18-60) for a bar/club scene

Production Title: Minimal at Most (comedy)

Director: Ben Parsons
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Student Production III With Dialogue
Project Length: 20-25 minutes
Shooting Dates & Locations: September 23-25, Nashville, TN
Email: bparsons@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis: A quiet dinner party at Tad and Jane’s new apartment quickly descends into chaos when Jane’s sister Mal comes to visit.


Tad: Lead: (mid to late 20s) A witty, neurotic comedy writer. He is committed to his relationship with Jane and making a good first impression with Mal, but falters and quickly runs to Lionel for help.

Jane: Lead: (mid 20s) Tad’s longterm girlfriend and Mal’s sister. She is very kind and sweet, unfortunately naive to Lionel and Tad doing drugs to help with their comedy writing.

Mal: Supporting: (early to mid 20s) Jane’s unemployed sister who comes to visit Tad and Jane. She can be very dry and unwelcoming, and her accidental taking of drugs quickly sends the night spiraling downhill.

Lionel: Supporting: (mid to late 20s) Tad’s friend and a fellow comedy writer. He institutes conflict by bringing drugs into the apartment to help calm Tad down during dinner.

Production Title: White Lies

Director: Cobi Noblin
Union/Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production lll) With Dialogue
Project Length: 20 minutes
Shooting Location: Parc Apartments, Germantown, Cumberland Park, and Watkins College
Shoot Dates: Oct 7-9
Email: cnoblin@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals or….No pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals

Synopsis: A pathological liar meets a girl and lets his inability to tell the truth send his life into a downward spiral.


Harry Westford: Lead: A 20-something scumbag with a charming personality. He’s a pathological liar who always wants people to like him.

Erica Summers: Lead: A 20-something woman who gets dragged into Harry’s life by chance. She’s smart and independent but open to trying a relationship with this seemingly nice guy.

Trever: Supporting: A 20-something alcoholic who wants nothing more than to party all day and night.

Therapist: Supporting: A 30-something therapist who wants to help Harry get over his affliction.

Jason: Supporting: A 30s man who manages a run-of-the-mill pizza store.

Production Title: Mother Of the Beast

Director: Micah Atkinson
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory
Production Type: Student Production IV With Dialogue
Project length: 30 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville TN, Smyrna TN
Shoot Dates: February 3-5/ February 10-12 (TBD)
Email: matkinson@watkins.edu

Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. Or….No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

Synopsis:  Folkloric tale of a woman who fell in love with a man who was half beast. She is now faced with the task of raising their child, who is beginning to genetically manifest the same beastly traits of the father. The mother must now protect her child, love her child, and survive her child.


Arwin: Lead: (mid twenties-early thirties) Arwin, the mother, has grown weak under the burden of the many secrets she keeps. Because of this, she appears fragile and vulnerable, though beneath her cautious tone is fierce love for her child, and a relentlessly steadfast conviction to both protect and reunite her family.

Conrad: Lead: (mid twenties-early thirties) Conrad is Arwin’s brother-in-law. In the temporary absence of her husband, Conrad has taken it upon himself to provide a father figure to the child, and a confidant to Arwin. Conrad is noble and honest, though he fears his own subdued romantic feelings towards Arwin.

Righteous: Supporting: (mid twenties- early thirties) Righteous, Arwin’s husband, is a man first, and a cursed beast second. He fled his family to keep himself safe from others who wanted him dead, as well as to protect Arwin and their child from himself. Much of his personality is ethereal, as he deals heavily in the spiritual.

Silas: Supporting: (mid twenties- early thirties) Silas is a worker and companion of Conrad’s. He is dark and cynical, especially when it comes to Conrad’s connection with Arwin and the child, as Silas has suffered personal loss at the hand of Righteous. Silas has a deep seeded hatred for the beast and the family.

Hann: Supporting: (the child) Hann is not one for words, but a strong observer. Arwin attempts to keep Hann in the dark as it pertains to Righteous and the beast.