Film School Zooms In On Fall 2014 Winners

January 5, 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the Film School’s Fall 2014 productions, which were showcased during the first week of December in open-to-the-public screenings in the Watkins Theater.

Production One:

Best Sound Design – The Owner

Best Score/Use of Music – The Missing Ingredient

Best Production Design – The Missing ingredient

Best Editing – All It Takes

Best Cinematography – The Owner

Best Actor – Eric Crawford, Choked

Best Actress – Sydney Roof, All It Takes

Best Screenplay – The Missing Ingredient

Best Director – Sean Wykoski

Best Picture – The Owner


Production Two:

Best Sound Design – T.V. Eye

Best Score/Use of Music – Human Arms Race

Best Production Design – Creep

Best Editing – Upper Level Management

Best Cinematography – Human Arms Race

Best Actor – Moayad Abualkhair, Human Arms Race

Best Actress – Christine Poythress, Intrusions

Best Screenplay – Emi & Mimi

Best Director – Carter Glascock, Upper Level Management

Best Picture – Upper Level Management


Production Three:

Best Sound Design – Summer Haze

Best Score/Use of Music – The Window East

Best Production Design – The Window East

Best Editing – Summer Haze

Best Cinematography – Austin Boylen and Emileigh Potter, The Window East

Best Actor – George Byrne, The Window East

Best Actress – Sara Antonio, The Window East

Best Screenplay – Summer Haze (Blake Holland, director) / Super Hero Support Group (Sydney Hood, director)

Best Director – Alexander Mattingly, The Window East

Best Picture – Summer Haze (Blake Holland, director)


Complete Production Three screening list:

  • Dottie and the Liver (drama, 16 min) – Directed by Hunter Billings
  • Super Hero Support Group (comedy, 13 min) – Directed by Sydney Hood
  • My Twin or me (drama, 10 min) – Directed by Matison Turner
  • The Window East (drama, 30 min) – Directed by Alexander Mattingly
  • Saving Heroes (comedy 16 min) – Directed by JR Villers
  • Summer Haze (drama, 45 min) – Directed by Blake Holland
  • Into the Hollow (drama, 8 min) – Directed by Robbie Baldassari
  • Victoria (drama, 20 min) – Directed by Corey Miller
  • Hitch Me (comedy, 15 min) – Directed by Thomas Chi