Fine Art Senior Show

May 4, 2017 – May 21, 2017 all-day

Four Watkins seniors in fine art unveil their senior shows:

Hannah Strobel

The works in the exhibit titled, Do They Move?, focus on the artist’s personal exploration of movement through painting, sculpture, and time-based media. These works contain the broad spectrum of everything the word “movement” encompasses, from the laborious tasks of our hands to moving from one place to another. The exhibition Do They Move? serves as a lighthearted and tender query posed by the artist to ask viewers to contemplate the conditions of a move.

Ian Corvette

In Ian Corvette’s exhibition, he uses a sound installation to ask, “What catalysts guide consumption?” Listen to mechanical reproductions and consider a dystopian connection between emotions and their potential as capital.

Lisa Harless

There Will Be Monsters is an exhibition that explores and celebrates the legacy of classic literary monsters. The body of work consists of pieces inspired by Gothic literature, architecture, and theory. The artist takes on the role the scientist, stretching, pinning, and suturing materials together to bring to life a new cult of monsters.

Corrina Joyner

In Corrina Joyner’s exhibition titled, the distance of the horizon collapses without my gaze, the artist poetically addresses perceptions of darkness and spaces of absence. Using physical and nonphysical mediums, these new works communicate absence through presence, and the ethereal nature of this as a psychological case.