Employment Position: Director of Student Life

Posted on: August 1, 2014

The Director of Student Life oversees the Office of Student life. The mission of the office is to identify and provide learning and social opportunities designed to enhance the student experience at Watkins College of Art & Design-Film. The office strives to create an environment of inclusion, safety, involvement, and community to produce successful practicing artists.

Student Life

  • Oversees all student affairs issues; reports regularly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on student issues including: oversight of the student handbook; addresses and resolves student discipline issues; enforces policies dealing with students that are not in the academic area.
  • Serves as chair of the campus wide Retention Committee and facilitates retention initiatives.
  • Notifies and counsels students who are removed from probation, placed on probation, or suspended.
  • Serves as a representative on the Graduation Committee and works collaboratively with members of the committee on graduation activities.
  • Addresses special needs students who have physical or academic challenges
  • Serves as designated school official for international students and chairs international student committee as this develops
  • Works with facilities and security staff on facility and security issues.
  • Manages communication via email and other media to students on a monthly and weekly basis.

Student Activities

  • Oversees the development of a student activities program: supervises student activities staff, advises the Watkins Student Government, works collaboratively with college staff on various special events, responsible for recruitment of and training of student volunteers for campus programs, develops student organization recognition process and advises student organizations (or secure a faculty/staff member to advise individual organizations).


  • Develops, organizes, and oversees the development of new student orientation including fall orientation and the mid-year orientation program.
  • Works collaboratively with college staff on the development of orientation activities.

Career Services

  • Oversees career services area and supervises career services coordinator

Housing/Residence Life

  • Oversees residence life area and supervises housing operations manager.
  • Provides trouble-shooting on housing issues.
  • Responsible for communication with prospective housing applicants.
  • Oversees housing operations and check in process including contracts, reservations, and check-in and check-out process.
  • Works collaboratively with maintenance staff on facility issues related to on campus housing.

Counseling/Health and Wellness

  • Counsels and advises students on personal issues. Refers students to outside counseling groups including the Student Assistance Program.
  • Provides Student Health and Security Oversight. Maintains awareness of student health concerns and works with Finance and Administration on insurance options for students.
  • Distributes information about student wellness issues and security issues

Responsible for assessment and review of Student Life Office.

Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree in student affairs or related field preferred.

Submit resumes to:

Joy Mckenzie, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mail: Watkins College of Art, Design & Film
           ATTN: Joy McKenzie
           2298 Rosa L Parks Blvd
           Nashville, TN 37228