COL 302

Professional Practices: Media Studio Production (Spring)
(NECAT / Watkins Initiative)

Studio, 3 Credit Hours

This course introduces students to the process of studio production. This format involves a real time edit, using multiple cameras to create a program suitable for television broadcast. Since the use of all equipment is taught in this course, it is open to all students. No film/TV experience is required. This technique and this approach are utilized in the creation of some sitcoms, daytime dramas, talk shows, and news shows, game shows and sports commentary. It can also be used to create any media that is assembled in real time. Students experiment with any type of visual media as long as it’s created or assembled in the studio. Students gain knowledge of studio operations including the use of pedestal cameras, studio lighting, live editing, on-air graphics, etc. Students have the opportunity to create original content that will air initially on one of the NECAT channels. NECAT instructors will train you on their equipment. There is an additional fee ($175) that includes membership in NECAT and access to their facilities for one year. (Junior status or above; enrollment subject to Chair approval)