What can you do with a degree in the visual arts? Below is a partial list of some of the positions currently held by our alumni.  For additional information on how visual arts graduates are generally succeeding in the workforce, check out the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP), developed and distributed by Indiana University.



Creative Executive
Senior Editors
Digital Media Engineer
Production Co. Owner
TV Art Director
Multimedia Producer and Educator
Production Coordinator
Owner – Photography Studio
Film Equipment Manager
Museum Art Preparator
Production Assistant
Interactive Developer
Media Specialist
Director of Technology
Camera Operators
Sound Effects Editor
Exhibiting Video Artist
Sports Director
Special Effects Supervisor
Scenic Artist
Script Supervisor
Media Buyer
Production Assistant
Location Sound Specialist
Owner – film catering business
Assistant Director
Founder of WOFADMAP

Fine Art

Exhibiting Artists
Costume and Fantasy Art Designer
High School Art Teachers
College Art Teachers
Portrait Painter
Director of Design
Gallery Owners
Owner – Film Production Company
Senior Designer for Major Retailer
Visual Coordinator
Museum Curator
Exhibition Designer
Performance Artist
Display Designer
Jewelry Designer
Magazine founder
Non-Profit Director
Non-Profit Coordinator
Ceramics Instructor
Visual Merchandiser
Tee Shirt Designer
Floral Designer
Film Production Art Director

Graphic Design

Graphic Designers
Poster Designer
Web Developers
Senior Designers for Multi-media/Record Label
High School Art Teacher
Art Directors
Project Managers
Creative Directors
Magazine Creative Designer
User Interface Designers
Lead Designer for Apparel Design Company
Book Designers
Design Company Owners
UX/UI Developers
Marketing Communications Manager
Production Artist
MAC Pro Specialists
Interactive Designer
Communications Consultants
Instructional Designer
Principal Designer
Owner – Museum Display Company

Interior Design

Residential Designers
Commercial Designers
Directors of Design
Cakes Decorating Company Owner
Senior Clinical Consultant
Procedural Manager
Cabinet Design Representative
Paint Color Specialist
Non-Profit Director
Fung Shui Specialist
Kitchen & Bath Designers
Purchasing Specialist
Revit Designers
Construction Coordinator
Film Production Designer
Project Managers
CAD Designers
SketchUp Renderers
Museum Designer
Facilities Planning Specialist


Exhibiting Photographers
Commercial Photographer
Wedding Photography Company Owner
Studio Assistants
Creative Artist Agency Assistant
Director of Creative Services
Magazine Photographers
High School Art Teacher
College Photography Instructors
College Digital Art Instructor
Catalog Photographer
U.S. Department of Defense Photographer
Car Dealer In-House Photographer
Studio Owners
Non-Profit Project Coordinator
Book Bindery Studio Owner