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Film School’s Spring 2016 Auditions Set for February 6

January 30, 2016

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film will hold a general casting call for Spring 2016 student film projects on Saturday, February 6, at the Watkins campus in Metro Center.

Directors of approximately a dozen productions from the BFA film program at Watkins will be looking for actors of all ages. Student films are being made under the SAG/AFTRA student film agreement and therefore all current union members are allowed to participate. Actors are asked to bring résumés and head shots for each audition (or a photo can be taken at the reading).

Ava DuVernay on the set of "Selma" (2014)

Ava DuVernay on the set of “Selma” (2014)

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script (with on-camera readings at the discretion of each director). Casting breakdowns and proposed shoot dates (usually over a 3-day/Friday–Sunday period) for individual productions will be posted to this page and distributed on site.

Audition slots will be divided according to gender and age throughout the day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Individual appointments are not available.

  • 10 to 11 a.m. – Leading men, age range 19-40
  • 11 a.m. to noon – Leading and character men, age range 40 and up
  • Noon to 1 p.m. – Leading women, age range 19-40
  • 1 to 2 p.m. – Leading and character women, age range 40 and up
  • 3 to 4 p.m. – Young men and women, age range 8-18

NOTE:  No overall make-up audition session will be offered. However, after production breakdowns are posted, actors who cannot attend the February 6 casting day may contact specific directors concerning particular roles. If headshots and résumés are submitted electronically, please include name in file title.

All cast members will be invited to a screening of projects at the end of the semester and will have access to an online copy of the film and a quick-time file (without music) to cut into a reel.

For any questions not answered here, email auditions@watkins.edu. Watkins is located at 2298 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Metro Center (across from the Looby). Free parking is available in the campus lot.

EXTRA OPPORTUNITY: Film School Actor/Director Workshop

The Film School is looking for actors who want to participate in our directing workshop, working with student-directors who will be filming scenes this semester [February 9 through April 28] during  3-hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6-9 p.m.) Each class session is devoted to one scene; therefore, the commitment is only for 3 hours, unless an actor is cast in multiple scenes.

Sides will be available on February 6 outside the casting room. There will be plenty of roles to consider as up to 9 student-directors will be casting 18 scenes. Please indicate to the students present if you are not available on certain days. Callbacks may be held at the discretion of the student-director. Actors will be provided with an edited, digital copy of their scene.

The instructor is Richard Gershman, Chair of the Film School who has directed nationally for theatres like the Mark Taper Forum and Seattle Repertory Theatre and for CBS dramas Chicago Hope and Judging Amy. He has worked with many notable actors including Adam Arkin, Amy Brenneman, Tyne Daly and Mark Harmon.

Director: Micah Atkinson = matkinson@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student Production III With Dialogue
Project length: 20 pages, 15-17 min
Shooting Location: Nashville/Murfreesboro
Shoot Dates: March 26-27, April 2-3
Compensation: No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals

SYNOPSIS: “Howie Grave” is an anti-suicide themed production. The story revolves around Howie, a teen who has prematurely ended his own life, and consequently has had his spirit returned to earth where he must carry out the duties of a grim reaper until his true time of departure.

• HOWIE GRAVE [Lead/18]: A melancholy, wondering young man. He carries a fairly reserved demeanor; harboring his emotions, he often behaves in a gritted-teeth, white-knuckled manner. (He and GRIMM are both spirits)

• GRIMMOTHY/GRIMM [Lead/18]: He retains the aura of a surfer boy. He is easy going and laid back, though perhaps to fault, resulting in distant, passive and sometimes narcissistic qualities. (He and HOWIE are both spirits)

• MRS. GRAVE Howie’s mother is presented in a time of grieving and is portrayed bearing similar personality traits to those of her son. She is quiet thoughtful and insightful.

• GIRL [Supporting/17-18]: A recent love interest of Howie’s. Actor must be able to give a subtle yet strong performance.

• FRIEND [Supporting]: A female friend of Mrs. Grave’s who is at her side during the scene of grieving. Though with fewer lines, she must be emotive and comforting.

• RECENTLY DECEASED MAN [Supporting]: Looking for a heavier set, slightly older man who is comfortable being presented as a slobbish, recently deceased body. While the role is non-speaking, the performer will be featured in an entire scene.

Director: Dalton Malone = dmalone@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production II With Dialogue
Project length: 10-15 minutes
Shooting Location: Davidson County
Shoot Dates: April 3, 9-10
Compensation: No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals

SYNOPSIS: After Izaak Allein retires, he loses his wife and faces betrayal, walking a solitary road to forgiveness.
“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”–Matthew 6:14-15.

• IZAAK MARX ALLEIN [Lead/60s or 70s]: Of average height and build, Izaak is a war veteran. Quick-witted, he was a salesman for 40 years. Izaak is slightly hunched over from age and is in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He lives alone. Izaak is very forgiving.

• MIRIAM MAGDALA [Lead/20s]: A nurse, she is athletic and homely, and the oldest of three children. Miriam is filled with desolation, despair and love. She sometimes confuses the three, which causes bad decisions.

• MELVIN SMITH [Supporting/30s]: Pale and tall, he works as a mid-level manager for a sales firm. He loves his job and himself. Melvin is aristocratic without the money.

• DWAYNE ARSCH [Supporting/20s]: Short, portly and a bit of an adulator. Dwayne is from a poor neighborhood. He is an only child.

• ELLEN JANE [Supporting/mid to late 30s]: Happy, heavy set, easily excited woman; the secretary pool is her whole life.

• DOROTHY ALLEIN [Supporting/60s or 70s]: Dorothy suffers from late stage Alzheimer’s disease and organ failure. She married Izaak very young. Dorothy was loyal out of necessity.

• OFFICE STAFF [Supporting/Extras]: Any age and gender. Includes secretaries.

• NURSING HOME STAFF [Supporting/Extras]: Any age and gender. Includes doctors and nurses.

• MOURNERS [Supporting/Extras]: Any age, gender.

Director: Jonathan Terry = jterry@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non-Union
Production Type: Student (Production III) With Dialogue
Project length: Approx. 10-15 minutes
Shooting Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Shoot Dates: February 26-28
Compensation: Deferred payment, no worker’s compensation, DVD copy, digital file, housing, and meals.

NOTICE: This short film will contain violence and language.

SYNOPSIS: Kate is pushed to the brink; as she investigates her new neighbors, she suppresses anger of her own.

• KATE WINTON (Lead/early 20s): A flight attendant, she has an anger problem that she’s been dealing with through yoga. She is extremely suspicious of her new neighbors and decides to enter their home to find out more about them.

• BETH JOHNSON (Supporting/early 20’s): Kate’s best friend is a thinker, not a fighter. She’s with Kate to discover the new neighbors, but, unlike Kate, gives them the benefit of doubt.

• LESTER SMITH (Lead/30’s-40’s): A controlling husband who forces his wife to lie about suffering from mutism. His true character is revealed throughout the film.

• JESS SMITH (Supporting/30’s-40’s): Lester’s manipulated wife.

• ASHLEY SMITH (Supporting/8-12 years old): The Smiths’ daughter, who shows signs of physiological abuse.

Director: Cobi Noblin
 = cnoblin@watkins.edu
Union / Non-Union: SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) With Dialogue
Project length: 12 minutes
Shooting Location: Watkins and Centennial Park
Shoot Dates: March 11-13
Compensation:  No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: A 12-year-old-boy attempts to make the greatest film ever made. Using his father’s clout, he directs two actors and his professional crew deeper and deeper into one of the worst films ever made.

• CHRISTIAN (Lead): A 12-year-old daddy’s boy whose father paid for him to make a science fiction film. He’s impatient, angry, and determined to have his way no matter what. He’s never made a film in his life but he already knows he’s the greatest director of all time.

• JOEY (Supporting/young-20s): Camera assistant who wants to make a film of his own. He’s quiet, humble, and good-hearted.

• STACY (Supporting/mid-20s): Smart, talented, stern, and caring, she was conned into being assistant director for Christian’s film. She wants to make sure her crew is treated right and that the film gets made, even if she upsets Christian along the way.

• MARK (Supporting/mid-30s): Director of photography who works with Stacy whenever he can. They’ve built a good working relationship and he doesn’t want to abandon her on this little boy’s film. He’s reserved, focused, and knows how to hold his tongue.

• LAUREN (Supporting): A young actress trying to make it in the movies. Christian’s father promised her a role in a real film if she would do this for his son.

• TOMMY (Supporting): A young actor who was also conned into doing the film.

• KELLY (Supporting): Joey’s nice girlfriend; she’s a dental assistant.

• HOMELESS MAN (Supporting): He’s there for the free food.

• SOUND MIXER, BOOM OP and GRIPS (Supporting): Crew members on Christian’s film

• DAD (Supporting): Christian’s elderly father, a powerful film producer with some directing talent of his own.

Director: Jason Harper = jcharper@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory
Production Type: Student Production IV
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Shooting Location: Davidson County, Wilson County
Shoot Dates: TBD
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment. DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: Jacey, unable to hold down a job, is indebted to her landlord, Roy. Roy extorts sexual favors from her as she looks to God for guidance. Jacey’s son Harris discovers what is going on and decides to take matters into his own hands, for better or worse.

• JACEY MILLS (Lead/mid 30’s-40’s): A short, frail woman. She is unlucky, mousy, and meek. She is also devoutly religious, and her only concern is her children’s well being. Her religious devotion remains unwavering, even as she descends into a hellish nightmare. [CASTING NOTE: Simulated sex and partial nudity scripted. Director is willing to discuss with actress.]

• HARRIS MILLS (Lead/18-early 20’s): Jacey’s older son, and an average looking young man. As his religious beliefs crash down around him, he takes on a cynical view of the world and is unafraid to speak his mind. Seeing his mother being taken advantage of, his subservience to her shatters as he steps up to take care of the problem himself.

• ROY JOHNSON (Lead/30’s-50’s): Apart from not caring about his appearance, he is a fairly attractive and charismatic man. These characteristics mask the evil inside of him. [CASTING NOTE: Simulated sex and partial nudity scripted. Director is willing to discuss with actor.]

• JOEL MILLS (Supporting/8-11): Jacey’s younger son. A happy, innocent child untouched by his poor circumstances. [CASTING NOTE: Joel is not in any of the scenes that involve adult content.]

• BROTHER JIM (Supporting/40’s-60’s): A boisterous Southern Baptist preacher.

• WAREHOUSE MANAGER (Supporting/40’s-60’s): A regular Joe.

• JACEY’S BOSS (Supporting/30’s-60’s): A thin man. He is perhaps a little nebbish for a boss.

Director: Rose Hook = rhook@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production III) With Dialogue
Project length: 7 pages
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: March 19-21
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals. or No Pay, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: A young woman finds herself on a rooftop, contemplating suicide, while a police officer tries to talk her down.

• LILY (Lead): A young woman in her late teens to early twenties who struggles with depression due to the emotional abuse suffered at the hands of her mother.

• JENSON (Lead): A mid-twenties to early thirties police officer who meets Lily on the rooftop. He is charming and seemingly lighthearted, doing his best to talk Lily down.

• MOTHER (Supporting): Lily’s mother, in her forties to fifties, who resents her daughter. Some profanity.

Director: Krista Gail = khill@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Film (Production III) With Dialogue
Project length: 25-30 Minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: March 4-6
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment, DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: A troubled teenager crosses paths with a teacher who is determined to bring out her full potential.

• MARIE (Lead/16): A disgruntled teenage blogger who has difficulties adapting to a new environment until an unlikely individual makes her way into Marie’s life.

• MRS. GIBSON (Lead/late 20’s): An English Teacher who cares for her students; she struggles to get through to one in particular, eventually making that student realize her true potential.

• MARIE’S MOM (Character/late 30s): Marie’s unstable mother who is always the bearer of bad news to Marie.

• STACY (Character/16): Captain of the Writing Club. NOT AUDITIONING. E-MAIL OR SIGN-UP IF INTERESTED.


Director: Ashlee Flint = aflint@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student (Production II) With Dialogue
Project Length: 10 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: March 25-27
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA differed payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals OR No Pay, DVD Copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: Phillip Howell is a man in his late-twenties who has recently lost his job. Phillip has been keeping his unemployment from his best friend, Mark. Unaware that Phillip is holding back from doing things simply because he cannot afford to, Mark gets aggravated with Phillip and encourages him to get a hobby. This gives Phillip the idea to take up magic, something he loved as a child, and work to make money doing street magic to pay his rent.

• PHILLIP HOWELL (Lead): A simple man in his late twenties. He spends most of his time at home, seeing as he can’t afford to do much else. He is an organized man, used to sticking to the plan. When he loses his job he reminisces on his childhood dreams and takes a crack at street magic to pay his bills.

• MARK (Supporting): Mark, Phillip’s best friend, is in his late twenties. He is a believer in tough love, and he will do some unusual things to help his friends.

• LAINEY: An attractive girl in her twenties. She is an acquaintance of Mark.

Director: Jennifer Hartsel = jhartsel@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory or Non Union
Production Type: Student Production II With Dialogue
Project length: Approx. 10 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville area
Shoot Dates: March 18-20
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: Inspired by The Office. This is a quirky comedy, with Marty as the general manager of an Italian restaurant. After a new CEO takes charge, Marty resists conforming to new company policies; Rebecca, the regional director, tries to get him to comply. Meanwhile, the restaurant runs as usual with zany servers and unusual happenings. This film contains some language and crude humor.

• MARTY (Leads/30s): A General Manager of an Italian restaurant chain. He’s a people pleaser and wants to be people’s friend, but he’s also stubborn.

• REBECCA (Leads/30s): The Regional Director of the area Marty is in.She feels the pressure of the new CEO as she tries to get Marty to make the necessary changes to the restaurant. She is very short with Marty, who has some odd quirks.

• TAMMY (Supporting/30s): A decent server, but not very emotionally invested in the restaurant.

• TINA (Supporting/20s): A server who’s awkward, klutzy and not very restaurant savvy.

• SHAWN (Supporting/30s): A gung-ho server who’s annoyingly enthusiastic with his job. His fellow servers don’t like him.

• RON (Supporting/20s): A server who doesn’t follow the rules or care about the restaurant’s guests.

• DAVE (Supporting/30s): A health inspector checking the restaurant.

Director: Ben Parsons = bparsons@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA signatory or Non-Union
Production Type: Student Production II with Dialogue
Project Length: 15 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shooting Dates: February 26-28
Compensation: No pay/SAG-AFTRA deferred payment, digital file, DVD copy and meals.

SYNOPSIS: David Dunkle, a young Poli Sci major in Ohio, swims through murky moral waters when thrust in the middle of an important scandal while interviewing for a campaign internship.

• DAVID DUNKLE (Lead): A college student; in his early 20s. David goes for an interview on the Kendrick campaign but faces an ethical dilemma when Kendrick posts an insensitive message on his website. David must decide whether to stick by him or sabotage the already weakened campaign so David’s preferred candidate can triumph.

• QUENTIN QUALLS (Lead): An employee of the Independent Congressional Campaign Committee; in his mid-30s. Quentin has mixed feelings about his candidate but wants him to succeed in order to move up the corporate ladder.

• LARRY LYMAN (Lead): A litigator at Williams Bolling and David’s lawyer; in his mid-50s. Friends with David’s father, Larry worries that he will lose this relationship if he cannot help clear David’s name in the lawsuit.

NO RUSSIAN (Tentative)
Director: Andrew Furris = andrewfurris@gmail.com
Union / Non-Union: Either
Production Type: Student Production II With Dialogue
Project length: 10-12 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: March 5-6
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment plus DVD copy, digital file and meals

SYNOPSIS: A psychiatrist’s best friend’s brother is in town. He might be crazy; he might be dangerous. The psychiatrist senses the perfect opportunity to test a theory of his and, for reasons he deems appropriate, decides to kill his friend’s brother to stop him from causing harm to anyone else. In a twist ending, it turns out that the psychiatrist is not in control, but instead his best friend is the crazy one. Some strong language.

• HECTOR LAMBE (Lead): A proud and successful independent psychiatrist in his mid-30s. He is not smug but feels that his job is more important than others and believes that he has the right to make decisions for the greater good.

• JULIUS BIGGS (Lead): A teacher in his late-20s to early-30s. He seems very polite and understanding, an ideal teacher on the outside. Deep down he is self-indulgent, obsessive, and also a curious individual. He wants to appear crass, but is actually very intelligent. Vulnerable looking on the outside, but no pushover.

• GARRY BIGGS (Supporting): Younger brother of Julius Biggs by a few years. Deemed unstable and inept at a young age. He is perfectly normal; however, his whole life he’s been framed for the things his older brother has been doing.

• PATIENT (Supporting): A confused man/woman trying to cope with his/her situation that is eerily similar to that of the main characters. He/she is mid to late 20s.

Director: Eric Dudley = edudley@watkins.edu
SAG-AFTRA Signatory
Production Type: Student Production IV
Project length: Short Film, roughly 20 minutes
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: February 26-28 and/or March 4-6
Compensation: SAG-AFTRA deferred payment. DVD copy, digital file and meals.

SYNOPSIS: A young man attempts suicide and fails, killing a man in the process. With the help of a concerned defense attorney, he takes steps to find the meaning in his life before he is forced to face the consequences of his actions.

• DAVID CARTER (Lead/early 20’s): A young man facing a personal crisis. He begins the film as a kid who is lost and trying to find any way out; as the film progresses, he becomes more aware that there are people who genuinely care about him, and learns to care about himself as a result.

• BEN DAVIES (Lead/mid 20’s to mid 30’s): An up-and-coming defense attorney with a smile to share. He is very hard to put down, and will always try to find the best in a situation, no matter how dim.

• GERALD DAGMUND (Supporting/late 30’s to mid 50’s): An older gentleman who directs the conversation of the depression support group that David joins. He is a kind man who genuinely cares about every person who walks through the door.

• LUCY TURNPIKE (Supporting/20’s): A woman David meets in the support group. She has similar issues to David but has a tendency to retreat into herself when someone disagrees with her.

• SAM (Supporting): Another member of the support group.

• TYLER (Supporting): Another member of the support group.

• JAMES (Supporting): Another member of the support group.

Director: Noel Costill = ncostill@watkins.edu
Production Type: Student Production IV
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Shooting Location: Nashville
Shoot Dates: March 12-14 & 18-21
Compensation: DVD copy and meals

SYNOPSIS: Two years ago an anomaly appeared in space in our solar system. Black and planet-sized, the Void, as it has come to be known, rises and sets each day. Many people believe it is the end of the world, but Declan believes there is more to it. His recurring dreams of a strange place with stranger characters seem to have a connection to the mystery in the sky, and to Declan himself. One day, the anomaly begins to move closer to Earth and Declan begins to realize the true meaning and purpose behind the Void.

• DECLAN HALE (Lead): A homeless young man, 20s-30s, has had dreams of the Void since before it arrived. He struggles to survive after a tsunami took away everything he has, including his family. While he moves from place to place the recurring dreams of characters begin to reveal more about the anomaly. He becomes more and more obsessed with his dreams, and believes the characters within them hold the answers to what the Void is and what effect it will have on our planet.

• BEN SHEPHERD (Lead): An Astronomy professor, 40s-60s, who takes in his former student, now homeless friend Declan, and lets him stay in his observatory. Ben acts as Declan’s mentor and wants to help him get back on his feet. He has an intelligent, open mind; part of him believes Declan has a connection with the Void.

• KI VALA (Lead): A young woman, 18-30s. After her only companion, Teno, sacrifices himself for a higher purpose, Ki must survive in a harsh world. She is chased by beasts and scavenges for food. She lives in Declan’s dreams, and is a complete mystery. The only company she has is a black blade left to her by Teno.

• NEWS ANCHORS (Supporting, 20s-60): Charismatic.