Art BA Concentrations

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Art program choose one of the following concentrations and take four classes (12 credits) in that area to complete their degree:

Photography – The Photography Concentration provides the student with ample background knowledge in the history of photography as well as a basic set of photographic skills. The photograph has become the lingua franca of our media age.

Film and Time Based Media – The Film and Time Based Media Concentration introduces students to the history of film and allows students to consider ways in which the fourth dimension can become a powerful investigative tool in the hands of the artist. It also emphasizes ways in which time can be used in non-cinematic and cinematic contexts.

Painting and Drawing – The Painting and Drawing Concentration provides the student with a full range of skills to make additions to the rich history and cultural complexity of this tradition. Students will also investigate museums and galleries in the city and region.

Drawing and Printmaking – The Drawing and Printmaking Concentration allows students to explore and develop a comprehensive approach to understanding, defining, and making prints.

Ceramics and Sculpture – The Ceramics and Sculpture Concentration allows students to investigate the artistic potential of this three-dimensional medium using both additive and subtractive methods as well as mold making. Students will explore materiality of clay and glass along will become familiar with key artifacts and movements in this growing fine art area.