ART 222 Series: Art History Special Topics

A lecture course covering specific areas of art history, allowing the exploration of topical issues too narrow for the broader concerns of survey courses. The subjects rotate on a yearly basis. (ART 102)

ART 222A

Contemporary Practices

Lecture, 3 Credit hours

This course is designed to address specific genres and trends in contemporary art theory as well as potential investigations and examinations of studio art practices. This course is broadly designed but may allow for specific investigations into fields of inquiry such as kitsch, performance studies, museum/gallery and market studies, or a theoretical investigation into alternative studio practices. This course places emphasis on understanding works of art within their cultural, social, political, economic, and biographical contexts.

ART 222B

New Media

Lecture, 3 Credit hours

This lecture course examines theories of new media art and the attempts to delineate its history and presence in art and culture. This course explores a different proposition of new media art, one that understands its disruptive as well as transformative capacity by transgressing the convention of visual language. Through readings, analysis of seminal works, writing assignments and discussions in conjunction with topical lectures, this course seeks an understanding of the unique position that new media art occupies within but also distinct from the broad scheme of contemporary art production and an understanding of its critical relevance and creative potential in articulating and advancing artistic and cultural inquiries in the context of a post-industrial, posthuman society in which we live.

ART 222C

Social Practice vs. Disinterested Object

Lecture, 3 Credit hours

This lecture course traces a history of social practice in art and investigate as a group the current critiques, debates and issues surrounding its current state in relation to its historical context. The course examines social practice from 1920 to present and touch on the key movements and artists including Dada, Situationism, Fluxus, Happenings, Social Sculpture, New Genre Public Art, art and activism, network art, Social Aesthetics and Relational Aesthetics.

ART 222D

Non-Western Cultures

Lecture, 3 Credit hours

This lecture course examines visual arts produced in non-Western cultures from prehistory to the present. Students follow the development of fine and popular art in select countries and geographical areas around the world, learning how to distinguish styles and movements. Social, political, religious, mythological, and economic factors are discussed, as well as instances of contact, influence, and cross-fertilization.