Tuition and Fees

For Academic Year 2015-2016, based on 30 cr. hours, including on-campus housing:


Category Cost
Tuition $21450
Fees $1650
On-Campus Housing $6380
Total $29480


The above cost is based on a 30 credit hour academic year.  Actual tuition charged is based on the number of credits taken, $715 a credit hour, plus $55 a credit hour in student fees.  Almost all classes are 3 credits which would total $2,310 per class (tuition and fees).

Students can take 24 credits an academic year (12 a semester) and still be considered full-time.  However, taking only 24 credits a year will extend the time to graduation.  If a student takes 24 credits a year, the annual cost of tuition would reduce to $18,480 and the annual fees would reduce to $1,320.

Direct costs are educational expenses paid directly to Watkins, and consist of tuition, fees and on-campus housing (if you live in the residence hall). These costs will be charged directly to your Watkins student account. Indirect costs such as room and board (rent and food, if you live off campus in non-Watkins housing), books and supplies, transportation, and personal and other fees will not be charged to your Watkins student account.

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2014-15

Below is the estimated cost of attendance for the current year.  It includes variables such as transportation, supplies, books etc. which can vary from student-to-student and program-to-program.  The figures given are based on 30 credit hours per year:

Living On Campus Off Campus At Home
Tuition $21450 $21450 $21450
Fees $1650 $1650 $1650
Books/Supplies $2000 $2000 $2000
Transportation $2000 $2000 $2000
Room & Board $9380 $12200 $4700
Misc $3000 $3000 $3000
Total $39480 $42300 $34800



The Program/Student Services Fee enables the College to provide additional academic and technological experiences and equipment for students of all major areas of study. This fee also helps defray the College’s costs associated with a course that are not covered by tuition. It may cover such things as facility maintenance, purchase and maintenance of equipment, purchase and updating of slides and reference books, updating of software, photocopying of handouts, supplies provided for students, and models. The fee also provides for the issuance of student ID cards, parking stickers, maintenance and security of parking lots, provides for publications such as the Student Handbook, and supports the activities and projects of the Student Forum.

Each film major pays an extra semester fee of $250 per semester.  This amount goes to extra equipment expenses incurred in the film program. This fee is not calculated in the estimation above.


Special Status Credit (Including Transient and Dual Enrollment) – $675 per credit hour,plus $55 per credit  hour student fees.

Special Status Non-Credit (Audit) – $325 per credit hour, plus $55 per credit hour, plus student fees.


Watkins offers an interest free payment plan processed through the Business Office.  Interested students and/or parents should contact the business Office Manager at 615.383.4848 ext 7436 or email