Visual Arts MFA

Visual Arts MFA Program Information

The MFA in Visual Arts is a low-residency program with rigorous studies grounded in research and visual arts exploration. Designed for working professionals with a wide range of approaches to art-making, this 60-credit interdisciplinary program focuses on independent research and studio work. The program consists of both on-campus and off-campus coursework. Off-site course instruction is 43 percent of the total course instruction.

You attend classes on campus during the 6-week summer and 4-day winter residencies. While on campus, you will have a studio and access to all facilities and equipment. During the off-campus fall and spring semesters, you will have close contact with your graduate and research advisors at Watkins.

The MFA in Visual Arts program offers you an opportunity to further your development, grow and expand your skills, increase your knowledge, develop your aesthetic, and contribute to a very competitive and constantly evolving field.  It provides you advanced education and training in the historical, social, and artistic legacies of your art, preparing you for the rigor and demands of a creative career, such as a professional artist, museum or gallery curator, or as educators for our higher learning institutions.