interior-design-facilities-4The Certificate in Interior Design program might be perfect for you if you are:

  • Interested in the foundational ideas of interior design but not ready to commit to the full degree program.
  • Believe your present career would benefit from an understanding of design principles.
  • Considering an interior design degree but want to first gain more exposure to the field.
  • Just interested in exploring interior design foundations for personal enjoyment.

The Certificate in Interior Design (CID) is a series of introductory courses that make up the foundation year of the college’s undergraduate degree (BFA). The CID curriculum emphasizes the fundamental skills and knowledge of interior design, architectural drawing and historical concepts. Students can attend either part-time or full-time and no portfolio is required to apply for admission.

On its own, the CID can give the student some new and exciting skills and knowledge to apply to a variety of careers in sales, real estate, administrative support and many other fields touched by the design community. Upon completion of the certificate, the student can, if he or she chooses, apply all classes to the BFA in Interior Design and continue in the degree program.

Interior Design Certificate
Total credit hours: 24

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First Semester Second Semester
IND 101 Design Fundamentals IND 102 Space and Human Factors
IND 111 Architectural Drawing IND 113 Building Construction
IND 203 Interior Materials IND 205 Textiles & Furnishings
IND 206 History of Architecture & Design I IND 207 History of Architecture & Design II
(12 Credit Hours) (12 Credit Hours)