Bachelor of  Arts in Art
Total credit hours: 120

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Art History 9
ART 221 Modern Art History 3
ART 2XX Art History – Special Topics 3
ART 321 Contemporary Art History 3


Visual Arts Core Requirements 12
ART 161 2-D Design/Color Fundamentals 3
ART 162 Drawing I 3
ART 163 3-D Design 3
ART 164 4-D Design 3

Studio Fundamentals 21
ART 231 Sculpture I 3
ART 241 Painting I 3
ART 251 Clay I 3
ART 261 Printmaking I 3
FLM 103 Elements of Film Art 3
IND 101 Design Fundamentals 3
PHO 121 Photography I 3


Art BA – Plan of Study
First Year
ART 101 Art History Survey I ART 102 Art History Survey II
ENG 101 English Composition I ENG 102 English Composition II
ART 161 2-D Design / Color Fundamentals ART 162 Drawing I
HIS 101 World Civilization I HIS 102 World Civilization II
FLM 103 Elements of Film Art ART 163 3-D Design
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Second Year
SCI 3xx Science Series (choose one) MAT 101 Mathematics for Visual Arts
ART 221 Modern Art History ART 2XX Special Topics Series
ANT 101 Anthropology COM 220 Fund of Speech Comm
ART 164 4-D Design ART 231 Sculpture I
IND 101 Design Fundamentals ART 241 Painting I
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Third Year
ART 321 Contemporary Art History Art History Elective
Art History Elective ART 251 Clay I
Concentration I General (Non-Art) Elective
PHO 121 Photography I General (Non-Art) Elective
ART 261 Printmaking I Concentration II
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)
Fourth Year
Concentration III Concentration IV
General (Non-Art) Elective General (Non-Art) Elective
General (Non-Art) Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
(15 Credit Hours) (15 Credit Hours)

Although this Plan of Study describes a 4-year completion schedule, full-time students who work while attending the institution, or who for various reasons cannot manage a 15-credit-hours-per-semester workload may alternatively plan to complete the degree program in 4-1/2 or 5 years. A majority of Watkins students have historically made the decision to complete their Plan of Study in 5 years. Since Watkins charges tuition by the credit hour rather than by the semester, the total cost of tuition remains the same regardless of whether the student completes the BFA in 4, 4-1/2, or 5 years.

Visual Arts Core or General Education courses and some Film elective courses may be taken over the summer.