A New Commercial Focus in Photography added to the curriculum

April 10, 2014

At Watkins, we are blending our fine art sensibilities with commercial applications to develop your eye, your conceptual abilities and your breadth of knowledge in photography.  Therefore, we are adding a Commercial Focus with classes such as:

PHO 310 Photojournalism

This course offers an in-depth approach to the documentary photography in terms of photojournalism and editorial photography. Emphasis is placed on digital technologies and weekly assignments. The class is devoted to subject research and creative photography with both the fine arts and commercial applications.

PHO 241 Introduction to Lighting

This is an intensive course in artificial lighting techniques. Lectures and demonstrations introduce students to tungsten and strobe lighting and its application to commercial and fine art photography. Students learn to control artificial light sources by applying learned skills to studio and location assignments. Emphasis is on technical control and creative applications for product, portrait, editorial, and fine art visual communication.

PHO 342 Applied Lighting

Building on Introduction to Lighting, students develop a portfolio of advanced work using artificial lighting techniques. The portfolio consists of self-defined projects for commercial or fine art photography.  Students participate in group critiques and discussions emphasizing technical skill, creativity, and presentation.

COL 301 Professional Practices: Music Industry and the Arts

(Warner Music/ |Watkins Initiative) A multidisciplinary team of filmmakers, graphic designers and photographers will interact with the creative team at Warner Music Nashville to conceptualize a visual approach to branding new artist(s).  Students will develop various scenarios and pitch the team at WMN and if approved will then execute these ideas which might include photo shoots, music videos, album covers or any other representation across all media platforms.

BUS 300: The Business of Art and Design

This course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills related to develop a career in the visual arts. Students will learn the elements needed to establish, fund, organize and manage self-employment, freelance opportunities and/or entrepreneurial endeavors as a visual artist. Available to students in all programs.

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