GRD 351 Series: Special Topics in Graphic Design

GRD 351A

History of Record Album Cover Art

Studio, 3 Credit hours

The course is a journey through the world of record album cover design from the 1940s to the 1990s. Students explore a variety of genres and styles while researching trends, artists and the impact of culture and current events on the artwork that adorned “long playing” record albums. Students complete weekly design projects to gain hands on experience. (COR 102; Co-requisite GRD 230 or Chair approval)

GRD 351B

Graphic Design and Social Cause

Studio, 3 Credit hours

Change is created in the world by using advertising and graphic design to present important ideas, raise awareness, and stimulate thought. In this course, students examine historical posters, ad campaigns, and ephemera that deal with social change. Projects include campaigns that deal with issues of global and local significance. (GRD 232)

GRD 351C

Typeface Design

Studio, 3 Credit hours

The course is an in-depth exploration of type design. Students will learn the unique visual considerations required to design and produce their own typefaces. (GRD 232)

GRD 351D

Creative Problem Solving

Studio, 3 Credit hours

The course explores a variety of techniques for stimulating fresh thinking and solving design problems. Through a series of projects, various brainstorming techniques are applied to the important phases of the design process: defining problems, generating ideas, and creating form. (GRD 310)

GRD 351E

Logo Design

Studio, 3 Credit hours

In this course students learn the history and development of logos and logo symbols as well as various applications for successful brand identity across a wide range of media. (GRD 310)

GRD 351F

Art and Design Travel

Studio, 3 Credit hours

This is a studio-centered travel course that explores place-based projects including visual narratives. (60 credit hours, 3.0 GPA; Chair approval)